How To Talk To Your Teen: Screen Time by Charlie E.

In the book Cosmic By Frank Boyce, the main character, Liam, has to be a dad. His dad had a Book called “Talk to your Teen.”  I have idea that I think should be added to the book:

Does your child love computers? You should set ground rules that bar them from spending their whole day on a device. Depending on age, a child under 10 should not spend over 3 hours in a row on a device. Convince them to go outside and play, or maybe walk the dog. The graph for age to time limit on a device is written down below:

5-6= 30 minutes, 7-8= 1 hours, 9-10=2 Hours, 11-12= under 4 hours, 12-13= 3 hours, 14 and above= check in every 2 hours to see if still on computer. (After movies, for any aged child, get them to read or play for a at least an hour.)

I hope this addition will help with computers in the future.

2 thoughts on “How To Talk To Your Teen: Screen Time by Charlie E.

  1. It’s a great idea to manage the screen time of a child, but doctors recommend only up to two hours a day for any-aged children. I mean, as kids grow, they deserve more freedom, but staring at a screen is not always the best thing for your eyes or nervous system. Great post though!

  2. Thanks for the point David, but no thanks. I like computers. Video games are proven to increase muscle control and hand eye coordination. And also, there has been no proven to study that links violence to video games. But still thanks for the idea.

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