My Hero by Charlie

Here is my Hero Writing! Enjoy!

My Hero

John was born on November 6, 1995 at the Durham Regional Hospital, in Durham, North Carolina. He was a little, blond boy with dark, gray blue eyes. When he was three he got a sibling, a little girl named Margaret, who had bright orange hair and dark gray eyes. When he was seven he got another sibling, a little boy named Charles, who had bright, hazel-blue eyes and white-blond hair. He grew up being the oldest of three, having to set the example. He became older, knowing the decisions he made would affect his younger siblings forever. He is a great person, and my sister and I agree, an excellent role model. He has had an impact on every decision I have made in my life so far.

My brother and I had arrived at the Lake Mickie Camp Out about five hours ago, and it was pretty dark. The sky was a deep, navy blue. Three hours earlier, the parents started a campfire, and gave fire duty to a boy named Zach. Of course, he disappeared, and the fire went out. My brother, John, volunteered to start the new fire, and he asked me if I wanted to learn how to start a fire. He showed me how to strip long slivers of wood from an oak log to create tinder with my knife. He then created a teepee out of branches with a gap in the front. After that, he put about ten pieces of tender in gap in the front of the teepee, and created a nest with them. Next, he asked me to light a match, and put it in the tinder nest. The match caught the tender on fire, and he started to feed some little sticks until fire got larger and larger. Finally, the teepee caught! Then he added a log, and when the log caught, we were done. The fire flickered a deep orange. I admire my brother for this because he helped other people without complaining about having to do so. He was helpful to me and the adults by starting the fire and keeping it going.

My brother, all the while making the fire, listened to my questions and answered the endless, flowing, babbling, rambling line of them. He was patient and friendly with me, even when I nicked my finger with a knife, and started freaking out. For my sake, it was bleeding a lot, at least for a nicked finger. He showed patience in answering all my questions, and not getting annoyed by them. I admire him for this.

One day, my brother and I were on a campout at the Lake Mickie Campsite, sitting around the fire we were trying to start, and suddenly he told me to move. I sidestepped and a dark snake lunged past me into the fire pit. He told me to get Jim, the scoutmaster, and bring him over. When Jim got there, he grabbed the black snake from behind its head and flung it into the woods. I admire my brother for being smart enough to know who to call and calling for him instantly.

My brother has had such a large impact on my life that words can barely describe. My brother has shaped my morals, increased my knowledge, and improved my arguing skills. John helps me think before I act. He shows me how to do things a better way, and he ignores people who are mean to him. He helps other people to make friends, so when he needs help, that person will help him. He has helped me many times with: homework, work, cooking, sports, camping, scouting, and games. He changes all his friends so they are nicer and happier. He even helps his enemies by humbling them. I admire John because he has the willpower of an elephant, and the humor of a hyena. He helps all those around him, and helps even more when he can. Without my brother, I would not be the boy I am today. I am thankful that he is always there for me, guiding me through hard decisions. He is my hero.

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  1. @charlie I’m so glad you honored your brother. He sounds like he has so much wisdom to offer. You do too!

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