The Giver Job by Norman

Photo drawn by Norman

We read The Giver in class. Then we discussed what kinds of jobs there are. If I were to be assigned a job, it would be engineer. I would be an engineer because I am constantly building things. Engineers design things like bridges, houses and fences. I would be very happy to be an engineer because I like building and designing things.


6 thoughts on “The Giver Job by Norman

  1. Like architecture? I like architecture too, but it is not really my biggest interest.

  2. You would be a great engineer! Y are always building things, be it in Mnecraft, or real life!

  3. Norman, promise me one thing, when you become and engineer, you build a giant robotic cow, that spits bananas at people. OK?

  4. David, he means like robots (Hi t My Previous Comment), not architecture, although he would have a great mind for architecture, from What I have seen he tends to lean towards engineering.

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