The Giver by Franny C

Picture by Franny Cochran, kindle version- The Giver

I’m 12 years old. This means that if my world was like the world in The Giver, I would have my “assignment.” I think that if the Elders were watching me, they might see me doing a lot of writing in my free hours. This is because I love to write. With this information, I think they would make me something that has to do with writing. Maybe scribe, or novelist, or something like that. Unfortunately, I’m not sure what kinds of writing jobs there are in the “community!”

With the jobs we have in our world today, I might be assigned teacher. This is because they might also see me doing things that have to do with teaching. I want to be a writer or teacher, or both in real life, so if I were in The Giver, I would probably get Instructor, or something to do with writing. Like I said before, though, I’m not really sure what those jobs would be! Really, I think I’d like to be surprised!


2 thoughts on “The Giver by Franny C

  1. I think a Scribe would be a great Assignment for you! Your writing is always fun to read and very impressive!

  2. I think you would be a great writer! A scribe is the perfect assignment for you! 😃

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