Community Service by Anna W.

Photo by Bella

For community service, our advisory went strawberry picking. We took the strawberries to the Ronald McDonald house too! This was one of the best community services I have done yet!

First, we went to burgers for lunch. That was just for our pleasure. Next, we went to a strawberry field where each of us picked at least one tray of strawberries. We got into pairs and scattered throughout the rows of strawberries and filled up our trays. The farm where we were at has some really cute dogs that we played with after we picked the strawberries. We weighed the strawberries and payed for them. Now we were headed to the Ronald McDonald house to deliver them!

When we got to the Ronald McDonald house, we set all the berries into the kitchen so the people staying there could have a little snack! After that, a women gave us a tour of the house and showed us a video. While we were on the tour we saw a little boy. He was very cute especially when he showed us his dance! He started break dancing to a Michael Jackson song! We all loved him and his moves. That was definitely my favorite part of the day!

As we left the house we saw some families already enjoying the fresh strawberries we picked! This was on great experience and I loved seeing the kids at the Ronald McDonald house so happy! I can’t wait until the next community service!


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