Community Service by Charlie

Wednesday we went to Hope Valley Elementary to help out with the students. My advisory split up and went to different grades. I went to the 3rd grade. First they were checking each others assignment, the they did tables. At first I thought tables was a game, but it turns out it was just a rotation system. Afterwards we went to recess. Did I mention that they have a HUMONGOUS playground? Well, they do. It was HUGE. After their recess was a special. They had the fitness Olympics. It almost exactly like ours, except they only have the beep test, sit ups, and push-ups. That was the end of my time there. But just for a second, let’s jump back to the beginning. Wait What!?!? They are doing area and perimeter when some of the students are still starting with basic addition and subtraction?!?!? Give me your opinion on this in the comments! Anyway, It was quite fun and I was told I could come back anytime.

2 thoughts on “Community Service by Charlie

  1. It sounds awesome. I hope that you had fun. Dd the kids like that you guys were there?

  2. Yeah they thought it was pretty cool, Davi. One girl immediately took a liking to me. 😯

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