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At school we have community service twice a year. At the beginning of the year we went sweet potato picking. We also have one at the end of the year and for that one we went to a place called TABLE. Because some kids cannot afford food they get school lunches but on the weekend they have no food to eat. TABLE helps with that problem by sending food home with them. We donated food to TABLE by bringing 260.5 pounds of food. We did a few different things while we were there. For instance, we wrote the expiration date on the cans so they knew when the food expired. Then after that we split into teams and put the food where it was supposed to go on the shelves. Then some friends and I went outside and swept the porch and the steps to the porch. If I had a chance to do it again I would.


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  1. That sounds very cool Jack! Glad I swept the floor with, it was fun and we made it nice and neat!

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