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Last Friday we had the opportunity to share how we use Evernote at our school. What is Evernote and how do you use it? Is there a class where you find that Evernote really helps you? Why should someone try Evernote? The cool thing about technology is that it is always evolving. If you were on the Evernote team, what would you suggest to make the app work better for you? Please comment below.

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  1. To make the app better I would make a search bar. I would also like to draw on Evernote because when you are trying to download a picture or other drawing from another app it takes a very long time.

  2. Evernote is a notebook, like a spiral, but on as app. You can share your note books with your teachers and your teachers can share a notebook with you or the whole class. The class that I use Evernote the most would be LA and Spanish. And I get my homework off it for all of my classes. If you do not use Evernote you should use it because it takes up less space than a regular notebook and it is easier and quicker to write on. If I were in the Evernote team I would have it so that you can be typing in it while a teacher is also working on it. I LOVE Evernote! I hope that they keep up the good work.

  3. Evernote helps me with science because that’s the class that I have the most work in. If I don’t copy down the assignment then I can always rely on Evernote.

  4. One class that I use Evernote a lot is Spanish, because that is where I get my work sheets for homework and where he but links for Quizlet and other thing to help us with Spanish.

  5. To me it seems I use Evernote the most in history. I always take notes on it because I can’t lose them and they are easy to organize.

  6. A way to make Evernote better is if Evernote refreshed your notes automatically whenever you were in a location with Wi-Fi.

  7. Evernote is an app and I use it to take notes. Evernote helps me in history because I take a lot of notes in that class. Somebody should try Evernote because it could help them if the had to take notes because it keeps the notes all organized. If I was on the Evernote team, what would I say to make the app better? Well, I would like that we could share notes with other people and write on it at the same time.

  8. Evernote is an app that I use to keep track of my homework and take notes in class. Evernote really helps me in History and LA, where we take lots of notes. Anybody who is very organized and wants a clean and efficient note-taking app should get Evernote. Technology IS always evolving, for example, iOS 7 just came out, and it’s running smoothly. Evernote would be a good app to add to this. I think Evernote should have an option where I can add a slideshow to one of my notes.

  9. Evernote is great, it is super helpful for History and LA class. One thing that would make Evernote even better though would be drawing in the app, on a note. Other than that though it is super!

  10. I use Evernote a lot. I use it for writing in LA and to take pictures in science. The only thing I wish Evernote had was that you could center your text.

  11. I use Evernote a lot in History because then I don’t have to worry about losing notes and I can look at the teachers nots to make sure I have all the information.

  12. I find Evernote very useful for checking homework, maybe if I forget to write it down or just checking to make sure I did the right thing. The only thing I wish Evernote had is to be able change the font and color of the text.

  13. I use Evernote a lot!I think that Evernote is a app that let’s you share notes or keep them private. You can also make notebooks for different classes. I use Evernote for almost all my classes, I couldn’t really pick just one. If I had to I would choose Language Arts. I think someone would want to try Evernote because you can use it for almost anything, for example: you can use it for homework, class notes, worksheets, saving pictures or documents etc. I would suggest that they make Evernote go more live so you can have two people typing on the same note at on time and see what they are typing. I really enjoy Evernote and you should too!

  14. Evernote is very helpful for me. I use for taking notes and checking for daily homework.

  15. I use Evernote a whole lot. I think it is a wonderful and helpful tool. I would suggest having a pencil tool so you can underline things, draw things, and high light things.

  16. I use Evernote for almost all my classes! Mainly what I use it for in to look at homework that I might have forgot to right down. Evernote is really helpful!

  17. First of all, Evernote is an app that you can get on any device (computers, apple devices, android devices, etc.) and is very useful for taking notes or recording voices. It helps me a lot in history because I can take notes and access them even if I forget my iPad.

  18. I love Evernote! It helps me with everything I do. I am very glad the school uses the money it does for Evernote!

  19. I use Evernote the most in History in Language Arts. I use it to check homework, do homework, and to find and organize class work. One way to make Evernote better would be to add a part that you could draw with. Also, if you could see when other people were on and what they were on and the revision history.

  20. I use Evernote a lot. But I use it most in History, and LA. I like Evernote, but sometimes I don’t because it doesn’t sync when I need it to. Other than that Evernote is great.

  21. I love Evernote, it is very simple to use and it is great that it saves everything. One thing I wish they had was revision history for sometimes when I accidentally delete a post or a paragraph or something.

  22. I enjoy using Evernote for school, classes, homework, and sometime keeping track of things. I love Evernote!!!!!!

  23. I use Evernote quite a bit. I use it mostly during history. Evernote is a very helpful tool you can share notes, a lot of teacher use this to share the homework. I think Evernote is great the way it is.

  24. I use Evernote for every class! Mainly history and LA though. It would be cool if you could draw on the notes. You should also be able to share a note with someone, and then you can both mark on it (for group projects.)

  25. If I was on the Evernote team I would make it so you could use a drawing feature to write on notes or draw pictures. It’s would be helpful for me when I do language arts or science. We make lots of drawings and writing in sketch so this would. Be helpful.

  26. I love Evernote! It’s much faster than a real notebook for me. If I had to add one thing, I would add a private messaging service from teacher to student. Then it would be easier for students to share do unmentioned, pictures, and ask for help.

  27. I use Evernote for all my classes. You use Evernote to write down homework, and taking notes. Someone should try Evernote because it is easy to stay organized. There really isn’t anything I would change about Evernote.

  28. I enjoy using Evernote. I think that it helps me a lot during the school day. I use it most often in language arts because Ms. Donnelly puts things on there that we do in class. I also use it a lot to take notes in different classes because it keeps all your notes together in your personal notebooks. I think that someone should really try it out if you haven’t because it will really help you in school.

  29. I really like Evernote. It it very useful and helpful because you can use it to take notes, pictures, and record. Evernote is also a good way to stay organized. I think I use Evernote for science the most because I have to take pictures of projects.

  30. I use Evernote for every single class. What I usually use it for is to check home just in case I wrote down the wrong thing. Evernote is really helpful!

  31. I really enjoy using Evernote and I use it for everything. I love taking notes and checking for homework on it for all my classes. I would recommend it to anybody who wants to be more organized. I wish that Evernote could have a little presentation section.

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