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  1. 21carinar at |

    I am so jealous, that looks amazing! I would love to be there!

  2. 21elizabethg at |

    I would like to visit the Taij Mahal. It seems like a very peaceful and beautiful place. The story about it is really sad though. I hope you are having a great time in India. We miss you!

  3. 21sarahj at |

    Alot of these pictures are very pretty. My favorite is the one with the faint Taj Mahal in the background. Did you take these pictures?

  4. 21hutchc at |

    I have traveled to a lot of places but I have always wanted to go to India. It’s a fun place to look at. How are the foods. I have lots of questions for when you get back so come ready.

  5. 21brockb at |

    That looks very cool! I wish I could go visit. That Is a big palace.

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