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  1. Susan Ellis at |

    Love the animal pics.

  2. Mary Ann Hardee at |

    Your blog is such an enjoyable way to re-live our time in India. The animals were indeed amazing! They were so calm. We walked past dogs and they paid no attention to us. I think we could write a book about the camels… But it was fascinating to see the elephants ambling down the streets, as well. I loved learning that they are protected – their work day is regulated. The white horse with the bright blue eyes and the interesting ears (that made a heart shape when they perked up) must have brought a great price at the auction! I’m sure many-a-groom will ride him to their wedding!

  3. 21amandat at |

    These pictures are great! I especially like the one of the cow and the monkey. That is so cool that camel symbolizes love.

  4. Brent Randleman at |

    It’s cool how the camel symbolizes love. I love monkeys so much because they are cool creatures. There are so many cool animals in India. The snake charmer video is very cool. What would happen if he turned on the man. Yikes.

  5. 21henryl at |

    The snake charmer must have been very cool!

  6. 21alexp at |

    I like the monkeys a lot. I agree that it is probably the best animal to see in India!

  7. 25sold at |


  8. 25marias at |

    I love the camels! They’re so cute! !(^o^)!

  9. 25evac at |

    I love the horses so much! They are so cute, did you know that the horse in the first picture is called an Ahal-Teke?This particular breed is known for having extremely shiny coat and arched ears that almost touch.

  10. Gavin at |

    I really liked the monkeys because they are my favorite animals. What is your favorite animal.

  11. 26kenziek at |

    These photographs are amazing! I love the different types of animals you included in your post. Especially the monkeys! I also think it’s really cool that your mom has 2 monkeys for pets!

  12. Greta Conway at |

    My favorite animals are the horses (especially the dapple grey). They look like Akhal Teke, Kathiawari, and Marwari horses.

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