Community Service by Will P

For community service I went gleaning at a small farm in Raleigh, NC. I did not think that it would be that fun but we made our own fun out of it by racing to see how many bags of potatoes we could fill.

Over the past four summers my family and I have traveled to different countries to do service. The service has ranged from teaching English at a school for middle/high school kids whose parents cannot afford to have them in China, to digging up the ground and putting in pipes at a very poor school in Costa Rica. My favorite part of these vacations is playing with the kids. Playing football (the American version) in Costa Rica, playing soccer in Honduras and Peru, and basketball in China. After gleaning I realized that there are people in need right in our own community.

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Sandwiches by: Ellie

For community service my advisory and I made sandwiches for people in need. We put one slice of bologna and one slice of cheese per sandwich. I was in a group with Ellie and Lydia and I did the bread, Lydia did the bologna, and Ellie did the cheese. I would get two pieces of bread and send them down to Lydia. Lydia would put one piece of bologna on the sandwich and she would pass that down to Ellie. Ellie would put a piece of cheese on and then give it to the packer. I would help Ellie and Lydia because bread was so easy and it got backed up with cheese. I really liked making sandwiches and our advisory made 400+ sandwiches in 59 minutes this was a new record!

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