A Legacy of Courage – Dr. Franklin Eugene McCain Sr.

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Jibreel Khazan (speaking) and Joseph A McNeil (left side-second seat), members of the A&T Four, celebrate Dr. Franklin McCain’s life and legacy

On Thursday, January 16, 2014 a group of students and teachers from Durham Academy attended the memorial service for Dr. Franklin Eugene McCain Sr. in Greensboro, North Carolina. Many have heard the story of his actions and courage at the Woolworth store in February 1960, but do you know about other aspects of his legacy? We smiled, cried, reflected, and learned from distinguished guests and family members about his every day beliefs and how those beliefs will continue to inspire us to live a better life each and every single day.

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FM Memorial sons legacy 1-16-14 DSC_0064

Sons, Franklin E. McCain, Jr. and Wendell A. McCain, recalled life with their father.

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Will we live in the shadow of this civil rights pioneer, or will we be a reflection of what he lived for? You decide. What will you do each and every day to make things right? To speak up and act? To be your best self?

Photos by Patti Donnelly 2014