Lady Or The Tiger? by Lana K.

He glared at the doors, heart racing, sweat trickling down his forehead. Cogitating deeply, he thinks of what Princess Ava gestured, was it true that what was behind the door on the right would let him live? “Will she be at peace, knowing that I will leave happily? Or does she seek vengeance of what might become?” he thought. The doors angered him, knowing that what was behind them would determine his fate.

They were dark brown, the doors, to match the suave, brick amphitheater. The king delighted to see the youth in the arena was in a purple velvet robe and had a untamed look in his eyes. He looked over at his daughter. She was focused completely on the youth she was once courting with mourning in her eyes. The amphitheater smelled of leather and lime.

His saw agitation around the room and stepped an inch closer to the doors. About to grip the doorknob of the left door, he thought of how the Princess looked at him, nervous, but her face filled with love. He moved over and opened the right door.

Out came the celebration, along with one of the fairest maidens he had ever seen. Princess Ava was genuine. And so, the youth was married happily with a blessing from the Princess. As they left the amphitheater in joy, the crowd went wild in excitement.

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If I Were A Grownup For A Day by Lana K.

If I were a grownup for a day, I would do everything I can’t do as a kid. I would drive myself to the mall, in my Jeep, go to Forever Twenty-One, Palm Avenue (Lilly Pulitzer), and all of my favorite shops and buy clothes with my credit card. I would then go to my house in Beverly Hills to see my husband, Justin Bieber, and our three children. Their names would be Robert, Will, and Kate. I would then donate money to St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital. Next, we would go out to eat at a very fancy restaurant and we would discuss Justin’s career. Finally, my family and I would go back to our mansion, and go to sleep in each of our king sized beds. That is how my day as a grownup would go like!

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“Once Upon a Marigold” by Lana K.

Photo by Lana

A few weeks ago, I read Once Upon a Marigold by Jean Ferris. I think this book is very interesting and cheerful. It’s genre is fairy tale and the book does very well portraying that. I won’t give away the surprising end, but I will tell you a summary.

Ed the troll was walking around in King Swithbert’s woods one day and saw a small boy dressed in a blue velvet suit. Ed went up to the boy and asked why he was there and what his name was. The boy told Ed that his name was Christian and that he ran away from home because his parents did not care about him. Ed told Christian that he could stay with him for a night then he would return Christian to his family the next morning. Christian stayed the night in Ed’s crystal cave, but when morning came, Christian would not leave under any circumstances. So Ed raised Christian as his own.

Christian, who was far into his teens by now, was walking in the woods and saw the Princess from afar sitting on her terrace reading a book. He was instantly fascinated by her, so he grabbed a pigeon, attached a note to its wings, and flew him off to the Princess. She responded and they started to talk very frequently. He falls in love with Princess Marigold and tries ways to become closer to her. Will he get caught trying to get to the Princess and get thrown in the dungeon? or will they fall in love and stay together forever? Read more to find out.

I recommend this book to readers that enjoy fantasy or fairy tales!

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My Wisdom Tale by Lana K.

The Penguin and The Gull


Once upon a time, in the freezing cold arctic, there was a penguin. One day, the penguin sees a gull gliding through the air. As he watches, he gets jealous that he could not fly, such as the gull did, even though he was a bird, too. The penguin tries and tries many times using many different ways to fly, but he fails each time. Puzzled about a way to fly, the penguin swims swiftly over to the gull and asks how he flies. The gull tells him that he should focus on his own talent, such as swimming so smoothly through the water.The gull also told him to not follow what other people do because being a leader is much better than being a follower.

Moral: Be a Leader, not a Follower

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Wisdom Tales Test by Lana K.






This week in LA class, we had an open note test on Wisdom Tales. Wisdom Tales is a book of fables that our class has been taking notes on for the past couple of weeks. When taking an open note quiz or test, make sure not to be deceived by hearing “open note”. It is not any easier than taking a regular quiz or test unless your notes have all of the material you need to know. So always make sure to prepare before you take an open note test.

One way that I studied was by going through the checklist that Mrs. Donnelly made for us. Another way that I studied was by reviewing all of my wisdom tale notes and highlighting keywords. I suggest making a checklist of your own in case your teacher doesn’t make one for you.

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The Corn Maze and Haunted Trail by Lana K.

Last weekend some friends and I went to a corn maze and haunted trail. We started off with the corn maze when we got there because the haunted trail had to start after dark. We received tickets when we got there. As we went through the maze, we had to find checkpoints to stamp our tickets with. There were eight checkpoints total in the whole maze, but by the time we got out we only stamped seven shapes in our card. Although, the other group of our friends stamped eight.

Once we got out of the maze, we ate pizza, played frisbee, and waited for the haunted evening ahead of us. After dark, we got in a line infringing of a pitch black tunnel. A few minutes after getting in line, we suddenly hear a chainsaw and see a very terrifying clown chasing after the people in line. The next creature to come out was a devil/werewolf. He wouldn’t have been that scary except for the fact that before I knew it, he was chasing me through the woods, around a den, until I was on my knees, with my hands over my eyes, screaming my head off. I was on the verge on tears until he accidentally kicked me, broke character, and said, “Oh my gosh, are you ok?” I got off my knees and didn’t respond.

Before we were all about to go into the tunnel, everybody there was going to enter, but after hearing the screams of the people in front of us, only four girls were on board, including me. After we got out of the tunnel, every one of the four girls, except for me had gotten too scared and exited the trail. It was only me, my friend’s mom, and her brother. The rest of the trail was pretty predictable because of my friends brother who every time a guy was going to pop out in front of us he knew and told us.

At the end of the night, I thought about our experience and laughed. I ended up having a great time.



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Grammar Project by Lana K.

In LA I chose “Why the letter “Y” is a vowel” as the topic of my grammar project. I chose this topic because before I chose it I never really knew the answer. I have to say, finding several different reasons was fairly difficult, although I found some. One reason is that “Y” is a diphthong. A diphthong is a combination of two vowel sounds. For example, in the word “my”, “Y” is a diphthong. Also, something very important that I learned is that “Y” is both a vowel AND a consonant. An example of “Y” as a consonant is: young. An example of “Y” as a vowel is: hymn. When I was presenting I felt as though I did a very good job. I felt that I spoke loudly and clearly, and I put great effort in to my project. Now I will always know why “Y” is a vowel!

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The Ronald McDonald House by Lana K.

This year for community service day my advisory went to the Ronald McDonald House. First, a woman that worked there gave us a tour of the house and gave us some information about the house. One of the things she told us is that McDonalds™ only donates less than 8% and 92% is donated by the local community. I found it amazing and wonderful that the our local community cares enough to donate that much each year. She also told us that when a sick child is at The Ronald McDonald House, volunteers and staff try to make their stay as fun and relaxing as possible. After the tour, she took us outside to a giant pile of sand. We were instructed to fill grocery bags with sand and tie them up to make a luminary kit. The reason we were making luminaries is because every year The Ronald McDonald House sells 7,000 dollars worth of luminary kits. My advisory made around 75 luminary kits and had a great time while doing it!