Magic Carpet Ride ~ Teamwork

You are thousands of feet up in the air and have to flip your magic carpet over in order to get home. If someone falls off, you have to start over. I guess if you fall off, you would not be able to start over but you get the idea.

We begin outside on the lower field. Just as we hear the directions, the sky opens up and it begins to rain. Our group quickly escapes to the classroom and resumes the challenge. A flurry of conversation unleashes, bubbling over with ideas that are both practical and impossible. A few people with a plan and a louder voice instigate the process. Feet shuffling, bodies moving, the tarp full of humans sways to and fro. I have an idea! I have an idea! rises above the chatter but is not fully acknowledged by the others. Simultaneously, a solution is emerging from the far corner as the brown becomes silver, inch by inch, followed by a roar from the crowd! We did it!

Reflection is an important part of the learning process. We talked about what went well, what was challenging, and what we might change. Listening to everyone before beginning emerged as a common suggestion to the group.

The next challenge involves a much smaller carpet. All ideas were shared, assessed, and one was chosen. A different approach would be explored. With less space, more thoughts, and some prior experience, the collaborative problem solving began.

Balance, patience, persistence, flexible thinking, and teamwork resulted in a safe flight home. I’d travel with this crew any day!