Computers By: Davis

I have been using the computers for over a week now and I already love them. These will change the laptops forever. We have the chance to take these home. If Durham Academy continues on this path this will be one of the best schools in the nation. I don’t want to get into the deal of paying for these computers. I am using the application Evernote for taking notes in class so that after school I can look at what I learned for the day. I wish that you could feel the independence that I feel.

3 thoughts on “Computers By: Davis

  1. I really like how you express your feelings about the computers, and how you think that this will change DA. I really hope that the laptops do become a well known thing at DA

  2. Your whole blog entry was very persuasive, and you ended with a bang (the “independence” comment). I enjoyed reading it.

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