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  1. 18camb at |

    Thank you for giving me credit and the disclaimer was funny.

  2. 18audreym at |

    I LOVE YOUR STORYY!!!!!!! it is veryyy good and you should PUBLISH ITTT!!:)

  3. 18catherinem at |

    I absolutely loved your story and think that you are an amazing writer who should continue to write all the time because people really enjoy it.

  4. Ian L at |

    Good story Josh. You should continue righting.

  5. DylanP at |

    Excellently written

  6. 18martabc at |

    I know that sometimes it can be scary to share maybe… a piece of art…or a piece of a story, but at least you try your best, and that is what matters! Besides, that Me Job story on Google Docs in Writers Workshop is really good!!

  7. 18matthewf at |

    I hadn’t read this one yet! It was awesome.

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