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I am not really a writer. If you tell me write this, I will probably write a dinky unexciting story about something boring. If you give me free reign, I will write a story like the one Cam described(I wrote that one). Writing with no limits is wonderful, but when it is time to share your writing, that’s another story. I was honestly afraid that people would laugh at my creative writing. I was wrong. The entire class loved it, even I was stuttering a little when I read it. Someone commented,”This is by far the best story I have ever read by a sixth grader.” Google Docs is a great tool because you can share your work with your teachers and classmates. I encourage anyone who has a hidden talent for writing to express yourself. A good writer really ‘hooks’ the reader. I think I did that well. Here is an excerpt from my creative writing.


Me Job

by Josh

Chapter 1

     Sweat, pouring down my face, rain rattling my helmet, mud covered my jersey, obscuring my number 0. “Hut! Hut!” I yelled. I took the snap from the center and scanned the field for my favorite receiver, Griffin. His number 87 streaked down the field in that perfect down and in pattern. The clock was running down. Shouts from the crowd yelled, “ 10, 9, 8 ,7……” It seemed like forever,but Griffin had reached the end zone. I dropped back to throw when Bam! I was knocked to the ground. The ball popped loose and my jaw dropped as Robbie scooped it up and fired it down field into the outstretched hands of Griffin. Touchdown! The game had ended in an exciting fashion, our Raptors beating the Bull City Bighorns 28-27 at the horn.

7 thoughts on “Google Docs Creative Writing By Josh

  1. I absolutely loved your story and think that you are an amazing writer who should continue to write all the time because people really enjoy it.

  2. Josh,
    I know that sometimes it can be scary to share maybe… a piece of art…or a piece of a story, but at least you try your best, and that is what matters! Besides, that Me Job story on Google Docs in Writers Workshop is really good!!

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