Vampire King Prologue, by Ryan H

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“Wait kids, I’m not going to kill you-yet! I have seventeen wives and thirty-two children, and they have to eat too! You idiots don’t understand! I am the Vampire king, Caltrule, and conqueror of fifty-seven realms. You can’t stop me.”

“You will DIE. I’ll kill you with my own hands you monster!”

“ I, the Vampire King, can read you by your eyes. Leon, you are hurt, desperado, lonely. You won’t be able to be lonely anymore, you’ll be dead. Kill the ogre first. Rapheal, you get to eat first!”


“It’s over for you, all of you.

Suddenly everything turned dark. Pain to my neck, like something was biting it. I was getting weaker. Was it really over this quickly? No! I won’t give up. Then I hear a blood curdling scream, I blackout.

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