Vampire King, Day 2-By Ryan H

A Griffin

A Griffin

Day 2

I woke up and I felt like I was being watched. Harry wasn’t in the room, I was alone-I think. Then I heard some one lean on the door on the door. Luckily I was clothed when I saw Hazel walk in. “After school today come to my dorm room. If you want your brother to know about you and what you have to do, you can, but he will be in danger if he travels with you.” I was confused. “Travel? what are you talking about?” I asked quickly. “You’ll find out tonight, our first class is starting, we ought to go.”

When the horn bird caws, you have to get to your class, three minutes later, it caws again. If you don’t make it by the second caw, you are late to class and have to spar a teacher (They are usually good). Hazel and I made it on time and Jack didn’t. He is the best at sparring and since the teacher knew that he asked if anybody would like to spar while he was warming up. Harry threw himself up and said “ME!” Harry ran at Jack, his wooden sword out. Harry ran at Jack full speed. Jack retaliated, he stepped to the side tripping Harry and pointed his sword at his back. “You are horrible. Who’s next before I beat Mr. Lee?” Before I could stand, Hazel shot up like a werewolf. “I would like to duel.” she politely said. “Wow a girl, she’s so good.” Jack said sarcastically. “Let’s go.” Hazel said. Jack suddenly took the offensive, he ran a Hazel, ready to raise his giant wooden axe down. Next thing you know Hazel easily dodged if with gracefulness, then Hazel dashed and she was behind Jack. Jack fell to the ground. WHAT?! I thought. How? Why? When? Where? Jack started howling in pain. Whoa! Amazing! After that commotion we started weapon battles. Many boys thought Hazel was a fluke, so they challenged her. All of those boys’ weapons  got destroyed in battle. I sparred against a friend of mine, Joey. My preferred weapon is a sword. Joey was using a double bladed staff. I swung with stealth and speed but Joey avoided me, barely. He took a shot at me, I deflected it with my sword. His arm was up in the air from the deflection I moved in for the finisher, suddenly Joey kicked me in the face.I was stunned and I was about to be finished of when something took over my conscience. I went crazy I dodged with a back Filippa and moved in for the final blow. I punched Joey in the face as hard as I could, he on the ground, defeated. “What the chiz drake? Not so hard. Gosh!” I told him I was sorry, and that I didn’t mean it. Joey ignored me for the rest of the class. I told Harry and Hazel what had happened. They said they’d help as much as they could to find out what happened.

Next we had pet class, this is my favorite part. It was time to train my griffin. Hazel was new so she got to pick a pet. She chose a baby roc (not a rock but a roc), a giant eagle that when full sized it can kill and eat elephants. This one was just hatched, but it was still about five feet tall and had a twenty foot wing span. Using her magic, Hazel easily trained her roc, while almost everyone else had a much harder time. Hazel’s roc was named Eero, Harry’s chimera is named Tartarus, and my griffin is named Vantos. All period we had to try to ride are pets, teach them to hunt, attack, sit, and play dead. It was tough, real tough. Next I will go to Hazel’s room like she asked me too.

As I walked into Hazels room with Harry I noticed that Eero was in their too, in a very deep sleep. “So, what did you want us to come for?” we asked. “You may not believe me, but what I am about to tell you is true. I am an elf, that is why I am powerful in magic and weaponry. you two will have to go on a mission with me to defeat a vampire king.” “Yeah right, prove it.” demanded  Harry. As she turned into her elven form (that was even more attractive) with really long blond hair and clothes from animal skins and plants Hazel said “Crimson was a powerful young elf who loved to whet his stones for hunting and seemed very timorous. But inside, he was a evil elf, ravenous for power. He had a pure heart, it was pure evil. All he wanted was more power, to conquer everything, he destroyed his tribe. He felt no remorse after slaying his tribe. He took over other places and made speeches about power and you had to give him an ovation or you die. Once a creature wanted to meet him at a rendezvous and he didn’t know he had xenophobia, because of this, the beast got slaughtered. Soon Crimson made a castle on a promontory with a great sea view. He even made people do libation for him. He was about to rule and destroy all when a vampire warrior appeared and killed him with his legendary death sword that he had stolen from a great dragon that he didn’t deserve to wield. Even though he didn’t deserve it he looked out into the panoramic ocean view and said “I am the Vampire King!” and that is how the Vampire King came. But then he was weak, and now he is powerful, more powerful than Crimson ever was, and he still has that sword too. He will be hard to beat!” and then she sent an image of everything that happened to me, in my mind with her magic. I was shocked. I stumbled out of her room and then I fainted.

Dragon Boy! By Ryan H



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Moshe and I are making a book called Dragon Boy. It is about a boy who finds out his father is a dragon and people are after him; a secret organization. He, his friends, his family, his enemies, and other mythical creatures will have to destroy the organization and survive in harmony.

Vampire king, Day One-by Ryan H

Sparring knights

Sparring knights

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Day 1

“Again, Again, Again!” I heard my teacher say as I was sparring with my brother. I have always wanted to be a knight, but I am just a peasant. No hero goes to a nobody school on the planet of Chryueli. The closest thing to being a heroic knight is protecting someone from the school bully, Jack, and got a cut on my cheek. My name is Julius Drake, and I am sixteen. I am sparring my brother, Harry, in a wooden weapons match at my school, the school of battle and magic. As you can tell by the name,we have experience with weapons and a little with magic. Only thirty percent of our classes are educational. Everyone here are boys and love violence and we have to train at least one beastly pet. I chose a griffin. Harry chose a young chimera, a stupid choice.By the next week, our bedroom will be destroyed.

As I said, there are no girls at my school, other than teachers. That is why I am surprised that a girl just qualified into our school! The girl said her name was Lauren and as soon as she came she came up to me. “My name is Hazel, come with me please,” She wasn’t shy at all. and for some reason she took me to the boys rest room. “Drake! You are the chosen one, our hero. He’s back!” she whispered sharply. “What? did my sister Emily ask you to prank me?” she had to be pranking me. Simply she said “There are no pranks. The king is back…” Suddenly someone, Harry, walked in. Hazel muttered some words and became a boy. “You’re good at spells.” I whispered. She thanked me for the compliment. “Is everything okay? asked Harry. “Yeah I’m fine. Just talking to uh… James here.” They greeted each other. Harry left. “Hazel turned back to her normal self. You are the only one that can save us from the vampire kings. I’ll give you more details later.” She noticed the cut on my cheek and touched me on my cheek. “We’re counting on you!” As she left the room I noticed that my face was healing. Dang, my face was looking cool with that. I also notice how powerful her magic was. Wow, and she was dreamy too. Blond hair, weird-pointy ears, eyes changing from blue to yellow-that’s strange, but cool. She was in great shape too. I went to the bathroom for while lost in my thoughts.

As soon as I walked out of the door of the bathroom, Harry slammed me against the wall. “What the heck Drake, I called dibs on Hazel. You tink !” “She touched me and healed my wound with her magic, it wasn’t my fault.” ” I know you’re up to something, hiding something from me. We are twins, I know you more than anyone. Plus I have a way to find out almost everything you are doing.” “I know how to block your mind reading spell, and you know it. I said it wasn’t my fault.” Harry smiled. “It isn’t the spell, it’s something else,” he pushed me and started walking away. “And this means war!”

I fell to sleep thinking about how Harry had a chance to get almost any girl he wanted his age. He had brown hair, starting to grow facial hair, blue eyes, buff, and he had scars to show off. Harry would always get in fights with the bullies too, he’s only lost to Jack the Skinner. A punk that is in my grade. Back to the point, I look kind of like Harry, except I don’t have visible facial hair, I don’t have cool scars (at least not anymore), and I’m not as strong. After those thoughts I soon ended my day, falling asleep. ZZZ…

Vampire King Prologue, by Ryan H

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“Wait kids, I’m not going to kill you-yet! I have seventeen wives and thirty-two children, and they have to eat too! You idiots don’t understand! I am the Vampire king, Caltrule, and conqueror of fifty-seven realms. You can’t stop me.”

“You will DIE. I’ll kill you with my own hands you monster!”

“ I, the Vampire King, can read you by your eyes. Leon, you are hurt, desperado, lonely. You won’t be able to be lonely anymore, you’ll be dead. Kill the ogre first. Rapheal, you get to eat first!”


“It’s over for you, all of you.

Suddenly everything turned dark. Pain to my neck, like something was biting it. I was getting weaker. Was it really over this quickly? No! I won’t give up. Then I hear a blood curdling scream, I blackout.