I am Thankful for…by Will P

I am thankful for my family. They are very supportive of me and help me with everything. They are very funny and we like to do many different things together. A few examples are as follows: My dad, my brother, and I like to play FIFA 13 together on the Xbox. My brother and sister like to play sports with me. Lastly, My family has a fantasy football league and we watch all of the football games on Sundays. I am thankful to each of my family members in different ways. I am thankful for my dad for taking care of me and making money so that we can afford things. I am thankful for my mom for taking care of me, cooking, driving me places, and doing laundry. I am thankful for my brother and sister for playing with me and looking out for me. Most of all, I am thankful my family for loving and caring for me. My family is very important to me.


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  1. @19jinger, my brother is 17 so he is 5 years older than me. My sister is 15 and 3 years older than me.

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