Pink Panther Song Neil M

I recorded the Pink panther song on the piano. Below I inserted the recording of it, on VoiceThread, using the iPad. This particular piece was the hardest I had ever played, taking me over three weeks to master. My piano teacher helped me to break it down and lead me to success. On the day I recorded the song, I had just had a piano lesson. Even though I thought I was ready, playing a three page song with no mistakes is difficult. Especially when I know that one mistake and I would have to restart from the beginning. After about 40 previous mess-ups, I reached the end on a perfect run. This song really challenged my piano skill. Please enjoy! This song took a lot of effort to play. Maybe the only reason I was able to perfect it was because I saw my friend in Pennsylvania played it when he was nine. So I thought, “If he could do it, then I certainly could too.”

13 thoughts on “Pink Panther Song Neil M

  1. Nice Job. My favorite song on the piano I learned was Skyfall from the James Bond movie. I think I might try to learn that song.

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  3. Wow!!! That’s a really hard song to play and you played it REALLY well!!!!!!👍👍👍👍👍😃😃😃😃🎵🎵🎵🎵🎵🎵

  4. Good job, this looks like a very hard song to play but you made it look easy! How long have you been playing?

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