Wisdom Tale by Jack. H

There once was a flock of sheep. In the flock there was a sheep called Baptiste and all the other sheep thought he was so cool. One day the farmer got Baptiste in a bag and brought him in so the farmer could cut his fur.

There was another sheep called Ferdinand. Ferdinand did not think Baptiste was cool. Because he did not like Baptiste people did not like him. They made fun of him and played jokes on him but Ferdinand did not mind.

When Baptiste got back all the sheep wanted their fur to be like his, all but Ferdinand. So the farmer got the sheep and got all their fur. Ferdinand wanted his fur because it would be winter and that meant cold. When winter came they all, but one, froze and got cold. They asked if he would sleep next to them but he said, “No.”

They asked if he would give some of his fur. He said,”No!”

All but Ferdinand froze to death. The farmer asked Ferdinand why he had not followed the pack. I knew it would be winter in a few days. That meant it would be cold and I wanted to be myself and not do things just to fit in or be normal.

The moral is be yourself and don’t do things just to fit in or be normal.

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