My Wisdom Tale Story Neil M


The Slacker

Two students went to a great high school. One was a born scholar, John. School work was very easy for him. In all his subjects he succeeded. In the fall of his senior year he applied early decision to Harvard and was accepted. The other student, Fred, didn’t find school work easy in any way. Only doing his best in everything was he able to slip by. He also applied early decision to Harvard and he too was accepted.

John wondered how his friend Fred had gotten accepted, so he asked Fred.

“How did you get accepted to Harvard?”

“I don’t know, maybe they saw my great personality and noticed my work ethic,” responded Fred.

“Maybe, but I bet that by the end of the year you will be rejected when they realize that you are not a good student,” boasted John, knowing how easy school was for him, and that he wouldn’t be rejected.

Fred still tried his best for the rest of the school year and kept his grades high. He was not rejected from Harvard. On the other hand John stopped trying at the end of the year. Not caring about school anymore he started to “party” and relax. He let his grades drop in the last month of school.

Harvard did not want someone to come to their school that wouldn’t finish a year off right. So, Harvard didn’t allow him to come. Even though he was very smart.

Moral: Finish Strong

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2 thoughts on “My Wisdom Tale Story Neil M

  1. I think the moral “hard work pays off” is a very important moral for school. When you work hard usually the result is positive. This is appropriate for our grade, so that is why I chose it.

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