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So this morning I woke up and guess what!? I was a grown up! On my nightstand though was a note saying enjoy it while it lasts! You have one week! I panicked and thought “Oh what to do!? What to do!” I finally figured out a good plan that would be the best week ever!!!!

First, I went to Dick’s Sporting Goods and bought all the supplies I could in preparation! This included a LOT of paper work for purchasing a few hunting rifles and shotguns! The very next thing I did was book a last minute flight up to, in my mind, the best place on earth, but for you people you would know it as the last frontier or Alaska!!!! I left in two hours so for that time I packed everything that would be good for the Alaskan autumn. This included jackets, shorts, (I play ice hockey so low temps don’t really affect me until below 32 degrees) shirts, and finally a holster. Let me just tell you for that last one, I have had enough near death experiences with the wildlife there to last a lifetime (true story!).

Ok so I shipped out of NC with all my hunting and camping gear in one piece and wanted to stay that way once I got there! We landed in Anchorage and if you haven’t been there it looks like any other town except for the mountains, huge moose, and bear! I hightailed it out of there as fast as I could because I only had six days left due to the 10 hour flight. I rented a car and went as far north as 5 hours would take me going off road for the last hour. I finally came to a perfect area. It was a vast valley with lush greenery that would be just crawling with all sorts of wildlife! On the plane ride I had filled out all the hunting licenses and permits I needed and it was now time to get to business. I set up camp in a high area near a flowing creek. The bears wouldn’t be there yet because the salmon weren’t running yet so I was good on that front. Well time to go hunt!

So if I was a grown up I would spend my week was spent hunting in Alaska. If your a kid then think what would I do?Posted with BlogsyPosted with Blogsy

One thought on “If I Were A Grown Up For A Week By Nathan G.

  1. Nice blog! If I had a week to myself I would do a couple things…
    Sports, Carolina basketball games, and music nonstop 🎶🎵🎼🎹🎧🎤🏀🎾⚾

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