“Once Upon a Marigold” by Lana K.

Photo by Lana

A few weeks ago, I read Once Upon a Marigold by Jean Ferris. I think this book is very interesting and cheerful. It’s genre is fairy tale and the book does very well portraying that. I won’t give away the surprising end, but I will tell you a summary.

Ed the troll was walking around in King Swithbert’s woods one day and saw a small boy dressed in a blue velvet suit. Ed went up to the boy and asked why he was there and what his name was. The boy told Ed that his name was Christian and that he ran away from home because his parents did not care about him. Ed told Christian that he could stay with him for a night then he would return Christian to his family the next morning. Christian stayed the night in Ed’s crystal cave, but when morning came, Christian would not leave under any circumstances. So Ed raised Christian as his own.

Christian, who was far into his teens by now, was walking in the woods and saw the Princess from afar sitting on her terrace reading a book. He was instantly fascinated by her, so he grabbed a pigeon, attached a note to its wings, and flew him off to the Princess. She responded and they started to talk very frequently. He falls in love with Princess Marigold and tries ways to become closer to her. Will he get caught trying to get to the Princess and get thrown in the dungeon? or will they fall in love and stay together forever? Read more to find out.

I recommend this book to readers that enjoy fantasy or fairy tales!

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My Wisdom Tale by Lana K.

The Penguin and The Gull


Once upon a time, in the freezing cold arctic, there was a penguin. One day, the penguin sees a gull gliding through the air. As he watches, he gets jealous that he could not fly, such as the gull did, even though he was a bird, too. The penguin tries and tries many times using many different ways to fly, but he fails each time. Puzzled about a way to fly, the penguin swims swiftly over to the gull and asks how he flies. The gull tells him that he should focus on his own talent, such as swimming so smoothly through the water.The gull also told him to not follow what other people do because being a leader is much better than being a follower.

Moral: Be a Leader, not a Follower

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Wisdom Tales Comic Project by Bella K.

Yesterday I finally finished my wisdom tales comic project. We had to take one of the tales that we’ve read and learned, and basically retell the story in comic. I chose “The Parts of the House Argue” and used Comic Life 2, SketchBookX, my email address, and Photos.

First I drew all of the pictures for my comic on SketchBookX and then edited to perfect. After that, I emailed myself all the drawings and dragged in the pictures onto the comic (I used a computer instead of the iPad). Then I typed in all the bubbles, but that wasn’t all I had to do. A peer/classmate had to check my work to see if everything made sense and looked ok. I really liked that idea because there were a couple of mistakes my classmate found (Anna W.). I don’t know why, but the whole process took me longer than others. To me, this comic project was nice and exciting. It made what could have been boring, colorless writings come to life!

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