My Wisdom Tale Comic By: Ryan

I did the “The Old Dog And Coyote” for my wisdom tale. I thought the process was a little hard to draw if you didn’t have a stylus. It was fun to adjust the colors and fonts. “The Old Dog And Coyote” is about an old dog who is sleeping while a wolf attacks the chickens in the chicken barn. The farmer scares the wolf away, calls the old dog useless, and refuses to feed the dog. The dog scavenges for food when he comes across a coyote who is practicing jumping. He tries to jump over a cactus and gets pricked. The dog pulls the thorns out. In return, the coyote goes to the barn at night and the dog pretends to scare it away. The farmer is proud so he feeds the dog.

The moral is: Treat others well and they will treat you well.

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Wisdom Tale Comic by Jack

In class we picked a wisdom tale to do a comic on. I picked A Flock of Birds. The picture to the left is my comic. While I was doing this project I learned how to us Comic Life, Doodle Buddy and Outlook email to put the pictures in the comic. At first I did not know what to do but because I did not know how to get the pictures in, but I used my my iPad to email the picture to myself. Then I went to Outlook on the computer to put them in my comic.

A Flock of Birds was the third tale we read. It was about a flock of birds that a hunter got the birds in a net. Then one day a wise bird said that if we flap our wings at the same time then the net will lift. So they tried it and it worked. Then one day the birds got in a disagreement with each other so they did not work together and the hunter got them.

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