Stuck On Blogging? By Joanna

If you can’t think of anything to blog about, here are some helpful things to help you blog.

First, if you have solved a problem with the iPad lately, you could blog about it so that others will read and take any suggestions on what to do about it.

Second, you can blog about something personal (but not too personal!), like sports, having something cool happen to you, or other events.

Third, if you particularly like a book or movie that you are reading or have watched, you can blog a short summary or a review of that book or movie, just not enough to spoil it for another person.

Fourth, you can blog about something informational that some people may not know a lot about, like camo octopi and giant squids.

Last, you can write about a holiday that your family celebrates in a different way than most or a cool holiday that you celebrate and that other people might want to know about!

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