Talk To Your Teen by Shaffer W.







Here are some ways how to talk to your teen:

You want to talk to your teen about things they are interested in.

You ask them if you want to hang out with them.

Buy them presents and if they like them you’ve done a good job, but if they do not like them, you can return the gifts and wait for the next thing.

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Who Is The Best NBA Player in Points, Assists, and Rebounds etc.







When I first thought about this question, I was very interested in who it was. So here are the results.

Points: 1. Kevin Durant 29.6 PPG

2. Carmelo Anthony 29.4 PPG

3. Kobe Bryant 28.4 PPG

4. Lebron James 26.6 PPG

PPG = Points per game

Rebounds: 1. Dwight Howard 11.8 RPG

2. Zach Randolph 11.6 RPG

3. Joakim Noah 11.3 RPG

4. Nikola Vucevic 11.2 RPG

RPG = Rebounds per game

Assists: 1. Rajon Rondo 11.1 APG

2. Chris Paul 9.7 APG

3. Greivis Vasquez 9.3 APG

4. Jrue Holiday 9.0 APG

APG = Assists per game

Blocks: 1. Larry Sanders 3.07 BLKPG

2. Serge Ibaka 2.79 BLKPG

3. Tim Duncan 2.74 BLKPG

4. Roy Hibbert 2.64 BLKPG

BLKPG = Block per game

Steals: 1. Chris Paul 2.56 STPG

2. Mike Conley 2.29 STPG

3. Jeremy Lin 2.04 STPG

4. Monta Ellis 1.91 STPG

STPG = Steals per game

Here is the site I got the information from:

Red Kayak By Shaffer W

Photo by Shaffer

I am reading The Red Kayak. I first heard of this book during a book talk. The teacher was talking about this book and I was very interested in it, so I found the book, checked it out, and I’m just starting to read it. I chose to read this book because it has a lot of drama in it and there are a couple of mysteries to be solved.

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Shuranka and Donte By: Shaffer W.

One day in south Africa, there was a walrus, her name was Shuranka. Shuranka was not that 

happy because it was getting hot and there was not a lot of water to swim in. Along the way came an elephant, and his name was Donte. Donte was very happy but when he saw Shuranka and he wanted to know what was wrong. She said, “I am just so hot because there is no water to anywhere, I just don’t know what to do.” Donte then came up with an idea. He said, “Have you seen any water anywhere at all?”

Shuranka said, “Yes I have, there is some water out in the north of Africa.
So Donte and Shuranka walked all the way to the north and Donte said, “I am not sure there is any water here.”
But then, Shuranka saw some water in the distance and said, “Look Donte! There is some water over there!”
Then they both ran to the water and they splashed in the water and then all the water went up in the air and came back down and the were all wet. They were both so happy that they were cooled off. Then Donte sucked up some water and sprayed Shuranka and she was all wet. They were both so happy that they stayed in the north and lived by the water together.

Moral: Always have faith.

Comic Life: The Talkative Turtle by Shaffer






For my comic life, I chose to do the story called The Talkative Turtle. I chose this story because I thought it was very interesting and I thought I was going to have fun making it. At first when I was making it, I was not drawing well and when I finished my first slide, it looked very bad. So then I learned that there are effects that you can use to make your lines straighter or your heads rounder, it helped me a lot. When I finished, I thought that I did a great job making this story.

Wisdom Tales Test by: Shaffer W.

On December 5, 2012, we took a wisdom tales test. I thought this was going to be easy because this test was open note. But then, I looked at the test and it didn’t look easy, even with my notes. While I was taking the test, I was thinking, Mrs. Donnelly was right, I should have studied more. At the end of the test, I felt good about how I did but now I know even if it’s open note, I still have to study and make sure that my notes are ready, if it’s open note.

I Am Thankful For… By Shaffer


I am thankful for the family I have, my family is the most important thing right now in my life. They are nice to me and they help me in everything I ask them to help me with. I am also thankful for going to school. I know a lot of kids hate school but I am very thankful to go to school and get an education at a nice school.

National Lacrosse Tournament in Florida by Shaffer






Image created by Shaffer

On New Years weekend, I am going to Tampa Bay, Florida for a national lacrosse tournament. The reason we are going is because we just recently won the Charlotte lacrosse tournament which qualified us to go to Florida and play lacrosse there. I am very excited and I cannot wait to go to Florida. My whole family and friends are coming to watch me play lacrosse.

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My Grammar Presentation by Shaffer

I did my presentation on HOW TO USE A SEMICOLON. I chose to do a presentation on a semicolon because I didn’t really know how to use it in a sentence, so I chose how to use a semicolon to learn how to use it. One rule for using a semicolon is you always use a semicolon when two sentences are very similar. Making the presentation didn’t take very long but it was very fun making it.

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Community Service by Shaffer


holding bag of sweet potato

Photo by Mrs. Donnelly

Yesterday, we spent the afternoon picking up sweet potatoes. It was very hard but we all knew we were doing the right thing to give food to people so that they would not go hungry. We were in the hot sun picking up the potatoes and dropping them in bags. We had to fill the bags up to basketball size in order to estimate our total number of potatoes at the end of the day.

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