Grammar Project by: Ellie

My grammar project was on verbs. When I got up I was soooooooooo nervous. When I got going I was a little less nervous but I was still nervous. As I went over helping verbs + action verbs = verb phrase I realized that I forgot to put a picture on my ending page (which was my next slide). I went to the next slide and hoped it would have looked as good as with the picture. Once past the end page with no obvious boo’s I felt relieved. One rule is: In the sentence “The pasta tastes good” tastes is a linking verb because you can replace it with linking verb is.

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My Grammar Project by Kira S

My topic for my grammar project was when to use commas. My topic was a pretty easy topic to understand and learn about. Learning how to use commas is straight forward and easy to learn. One tip I shared in my presentation was where you use pairs of commas. Pairs of commas are used in the middle of the sentence to help set off two expressions that interrupt the sentence flow.

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Past vs. Present

My grammar project was about past tense versus present tense. My project was a comic that had a little story in it about past and present tenses. The general rule for past vs. present tense is this: for regular verbs: past= ed present = am & ing. For irregular verbs, you need to memorize those. Present tense is what someone is doing right now. Usually am is before it and it ends with ing. Past tense is something that has already happened. usually past tense has an ed at the end of the word.