Summer Reading by Kayla

In the beginning of 2011 we made booklets with information about a book of our choice. On the front we wrote our name and drew a picture we thought described the book. We also wrote the title of the book and the author’s name. On the inside we wrote a book review about the book we read. My book was Maniac Magee. Maniac Magee is a book about a boy who had great adventures and found a new friend along the way.

Maniac Magee

Photo by Mrs. Donnelly Illustration by Kayla B


My Book by Emma E

Right now I’m reading “Murdered My Sweet” By Joan Lowery Nixon. It’s about a girl named Jenny and her mom, who are distant relatives with a very rich man who owns the biggest chocolate company in the country. His name is Arnold Harmany. Before he dies he wants to read his new changed will in front of all is family members and coworkers at his birthday party. Right after everyone eats Porter Harmany, Arnold’s step-son, gets murdered.


Reading In LA Class by Ethan G

Picture of Kindle

My favorite thing about LA class is probably at the beginning of class when Mrs. Donnelly gives us 10-15 minutes of reading time. I really, really like reading. Grammar eh, vocabulary eh, but reading, that I can handle. It’s totally my favorite thing about LA. I mean seriously, reading is amazing. The power of books is awesome. The monks of medieval times decorated them with beautiful illustrations and jewels. I curse the days when we don’t get reading time. Reading can open so many doors that would otherwise be closed. Along with are current technological advancements, with Nooks, and Kindles, kids can read while feeling like they are integrating with the current technologies. This is good because kids love tech, and none more than I, so I know that if kids think that they are using tech they will jump at the first chance to grab it (especially if it is touch screen). These technologies can provide kids the satisfaction of using technology, while at the same time making teachers happy by seeing there students minds grow in all directions. Therefore I would fully promote a pilot for electronic reading devices where students could touch the latest tech and teachers the joy of watching the students minds grow full of knowledge.

Another idea would to be to have our library online so the students would not have to hold  if a book was checked out because everyone would have access to it. And, you could also monitor the library, making sure that no one could take a book without checking it out. It would be an amazing opportunity for our school, to have a pilot for electronic reading devices. I would hope that people at our fine school would be responsible enough to handle such devices with the proper amount of care. This technology will help our school integrate technology into our curriculum and will allow us to take a step that few or no other school has taken in this direction of equipping our students with electronic reading devices and having a library online that is safe from people taking books without checking them out. We as a school could set an example for the city, or the county, or the state, or multiple states, or the whole country! With our fast developing world, it is important to stay up to date with the latest tech with reading as well as computers. Think about it, one school can impact an entire country in a sweeping phenomenon, that one school, could be your school, or my school, or any school at all. The students at my school would all support the chance to get there hands on some new tech to experiment and have fun. This could broaden our horizons and change the course of education for our country and in ten years help us stay on top of China.

I know that education is top priority to parents and teachers, but to students, all we want is a light backpack and not to many books to deal with. This pilot would allow students to have their books all in one place that is very thin and weighs as much as a magazine. Plus the fact that online books cost less than that of  real books. For all you smart people concerned about the environment these books also require no paper in order for you to read them. This pilot could allow us to advance a step forward in the world of technology.

I hope that you all support my ideas and think them worthwhile. I appreciate all of you that have taken the time to read my ideas and comment on my proposition/blog post. I appreciate your feedback and will make edits accordingly. Thank you!