Open Note Test By Katie C.

This photo is taken by Katie.

I like the open note test because you learn a lot and you do not have to study as much. You still do have to study, but not as much. To study I created I study guide on Mindmeister. I expected to the test to by very easy, but when I took then test it was harder then I expected. I like having the notes on the iPad because you could search for words and find the one you’re looking for faster. Using the iPad was great for the test because you can just scroll down and not flip pages to find information. I liked taking an open note test.

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Open Note Wisdom Tale Test By Joanna

Today we took a wisdom tale test. The test was open note, but our notes were on our iPads. Having the notes on our iPads was helpful because there wasn’t a bunch of papers covering our desks. Also, it was easy to access our different notes rather than ruffling the papers and searching for the information. However, the iPads can be glitchy and not work, so I am glad that there are lots of ways to back things up. It was much quieter with the iPad because paper makes noise. Also, we didn’t use paper so we were helping the environment’s air quality. Also, homes for animals like squirrels aren’t being cut down as much if there is lass of a demand for paper. For the open note test, iPads are very useful.

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Open Note Test With Our iPads by Batu

My Wisdom Tale Notes (The first four that we did.)

The advantage of using our iPads are that we use less paper and that there is less of a chance of us losing our notes. The disadvantage is that in my Evernote the file size gets really big and takes very long to open. I kind of like taking open note tests because you don’t have to memorize as much stuff as a regular test, yet I think open note tests are harder to study for. If I had to do this again I would go to Mrs Donnelly and ask her what to study for.

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Open Note Test by Mrs. D


open note test on iPad








Photo by Mrs. D

Today you took an open note test in class for the Wisdom Tales test. You used a blend of technology and  paper/pencil. I am curious about how the process was for you. What did you do to prepare for the test?

Open note tests are not as easy as some people think they will be. Do you like taking open note tests? Why or why not? Was there an advantage to having an iPad for you notes? Write your own blog post about using an iPad for an open note test. Would you do anything differently after going through this experience? I look forward to your responses as I read your words of wisdom!