If I Was A Grown Up By Keenan


If I was was a grown up for a day, I would do many interesting things. I would live in Florida and have a house on the beach. I would wake up, eat breakfast, and then take one of my three cars to the recreation center. I could go there to play a game of basketball, tennis, or swim. I could do this all for free because I would have a lifetime membership. Then I would go to the airport and take my private jet to Washington D.C. I would get in a limo and drive over to the White House, where I would hang out and have lunch with my friend, the president. It would be about noon by this time, so I still would still have a lot of the day left. I would go skydiving next, and then set a world record for the fastest a car has ever gone. I would go cliff diving if I had enough time at the end of the day. I would then take my private jet home, go to sleep, and get ready for the next day.

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The Alchemyst Book Review By Keenan W

Photo by Keenan W

The Alchemyst by Michael Scott is a really interesting book. It is a fantasy book, which is my favorite genre. There is also some suspense in the book at the end of chapters, and I like that too. This book is about two twins who meet an immortal man who has lost an important book, one that could end the human race. He takes the two kids to a goddess because he knows that they have extraordinary powers (that they don’t know about) and can help him get the book back. Another thing I really like about the book is that it switches from different people’s perspectives, so you know what’s going on with all of the characters in the book. I have not finished the book, but I am really enjoying it right now. I recommend reading The Alchemyst.

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The Clever Squirrel Wisdom Tale By Keenan

There once was rabbit who boasted to all of the animals that he was the fastest one in theforest. No one argued, but nobody liked the rabbit either. The rabbit asked a crowd of animalsif anybody wanted to challenge him in a race, and nobody did. The rabbit was still the fastest inthe forest.

One day a squirrel came along. Some animals thought the he could beat the rabbit becausethey saw him running really fast. When the rabbit heard about the squirrel, he challenged himto a race. The squirrel excepted, but said that he would get to make the course. He made ahalf mile course that had a lot of branches fallen trees, and other obstacles, and started therace. The squirrel quickly climbed a tree and started jumping from tree to tree so he didn’t haveto avoid the obstacles on the ground. The rabbit could not get by the obstacles quickly. Thesquirrel beat the rabbit easily because the rabbit had to avoid everything on the ground. Therabbit had not thought about that before the race, so he had lost. The rabbit was mad, but thesquirrel said that he had beaten him fairly.

Morals: Don't boast, Always think things over 


Comic Life Wisdom Tale by Keenan

I made a Comic Life about the wisdom tale The Boatman. Comic Life was really easy to use. I could drag pictures in, and all of the buttons were obvious. But Skitch wasn’t as easy. The thing I liked using about it was that there are different shape buttons that you can use instead of just drawing the shape. It was a little difficult to draw things because if I tried to draw over something, it would just drag the thing I was trying to draw over. It was also easy to just draw one picture, save it, and then draw things over it in later pictures instead of just drawing the background all over again. That was probably the most helpful thing that I did because it saved a lot of time. I would suggest using Skitch and comic life.

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Open Note Wisdom Tales Test By Keenan

Today we took an open note test on the Wisdom Tales that we have been reading for a while. I like open note tests because you can use your notes to check or get answers. Some people think that you don’t have to study for open note tests because you will have all your notes right in front of you, but you actually do so you will be familiar with all of the information.

The iPads were very helpful during the test and for studying because everything was very organized and you could go back and forth between different notes very quickly. After going though this experience I would have prepared a little bit more because there were some parts of the test that I did not expect to be on it.

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I Am Thankful For… By Keenan

I am thankful for a lot of things, but one of them is food. I am thankful that I have enough food to eat because a lot of people in the world don’t. Some people take food for granted, and think that if they are out of food they can just go to a store and buy some more. I think that it is also important to sometimes do community service so other people who don’t have enough money to buy food can have some, because if someone does not have any food, they could get very sick. I am thankful that I will always have enough food to eat.

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First Person, Second Person, and Third Person by Keenan

For my grammar project, I decided to do first person, second person, and third person. I knew a little bit about this topic, but I wanted to learn more. When I presented my information, I decided to share some information and then act out some examples instead of creating a Keynote presentation. Here are some of the basic rules about first, second, and third person. First person is used when you are talking about yourself. Second person is used when you are talking to someone. Third person is used when you are talking about someone else.

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Community Service by Keenan

Photo by Mrs. Donnelly

Yesterday, our school took half of our day to do community service. My advisory went to pick potatoes with a few other advisories, right near Raleigh, NC. It was fun and interesting because I had never really done anything like it before. I was in a group with four other people, and we picked a lot of potatoes. I’m not sure of the exact number of pounds that we picked, but it was a lot more than I had expected. The potatoes went to local food banks for people who do not have much food. Even though it was really tiring, it was a great thing to do for people who are not as fortunate as us.

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I Am Proud Of… by Keenan W

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 I am proud of swimming. Swimming is my favorite sport, and I swim almost every day. I swim on a team for the whole year, unless I stop to do a different sport. I always look forward to swimming in a meet. Some of the biggest meets of the year are the state meet and the sectional meet, both of which I am really close to qualifying for. One of the reasons that I like swimming is because it is an individual sport and a team sport at the same time. For example, you want to win your own race but you also want your team to win the meet. My life wouldn’t be the same without swimming.

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iPads by Keenan

We have just recieved new iPads at our school. They are very helpful in class and easy to access rather then going to the computer lab. We are able to make flashcards on them and can make folders on Evernote to store our notes from different classes. They are also helpful for writing down homework for each day. Some of our textbooks are online so we can use our iPad instead of carrying an extra book. There is also an app that lets us get regular books that we can read on the iPad. They can be a little distracting at times, but usually are helping us a lot in class. I think that overall it was a great idea to give students iPads that they can use in school.


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