If I Were An Adult by Christy

If I woke up one day as an adult I would want to start a vet business because I love animals! I would operate or specialize in cats or “exotic pets,” which are animals such as: rats, snakes, fennec foxes, sugar gliders and flying squirrels, Savannah cats, agoutis, hedgehogs, and other exotic animals most people would not adopt. Also, most people cannot provide appropriate homes for these pets. For that reason these pets aren’t allowed in some neighborhoods or areas. I would want to help find people who adopt these kinds of pets and/or big cat cubs and save the animal, because it is not okay to do this. I also want to start a cattery or breed rats for fun, then I could sell the young ones. When I finish my day at the vet, I come home to my farm that has horses, pigs, goats, cats, dogs, rats, crabs, and a couple rodents and/or exotic animals like snakes, plus some farm pets like chickens and pheasants. I hope to be involved with animals. I also want to be an author and write fantasy.

Fennec Fox

If I Were An Adult For A Day! – Audrey M.

When I am an adult, I am going to graduate Stanford where I played college soccer and basketball. I will have a veterinarians degree. Soon, I will marry my boyfriend. He is going to be a professional sports player. We will live together in Chicago. I am planning on having 4 kids. Two boys and two girls. Their names…TBD.Our family cars will consist of a red bugatti with a diamond encrusted steering wheel and license plate, a big white one with 7 seats, and a silver jeep. My vet clinic will only tend to domestic and non-reptile animals. This is my dream life!!


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If I Were an Adult by Ian L.

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If I were an adult for one day. I would go to work in the morning. I would be an architect and go to my firm. I would finish of a huge building that I had been designing for a couple weeks with my colleagues. All the people I would work with would be really nice and good at their job. I would be really good friends with my boss like my mom is with her boss. If I were married I would get to tell my children (if I had any) to do something, and if they asked why I would reply, “Because I said so.” I would live in a nice neighborhood. I would have designed my own house and it would be big but not too big.

I would really like to become an architect when I grow up and I hope I do. I want to become an architect because I used to draw castles when I was a “kid”. Unfortunately or fortunately I am not an adult yet and still have many years until then.

If I Was an Adult by Ethan G.

If I was an adult I would open a criminal prosecution law firm in Chicago. I would grow a Franz Joseph mustache and have three personal mustache groomers. I would have a wife who would spend all her time in my synthetic tropical reserve caring for my various pets, except my iguana named Alex. He would have a shoulder post mounted onto my various suits by my private butler Jenkins who I will trust with my life. Jenkins would be trained in karate and be able to hit a target with a gun from 125 ft. I would also have wings and a tail. Jenkins would care for my wings, but two groomers would care for my tails. I wouldn’t have a car because I could fly anywhere and its better for the environment. I would have a glass house built at cloud level supported by various iron beams. Also I would run the most popular news channel and it would NOT BE DEPRESSING. My law firm would be the worlds tallest building by a mile and it would be shaped like a giant swan. I would have one kid. He would have a entire wing in the glass house and several rooms dedicated to his pleasure in the swan building. I would have my own amusement park inside my vacation home in the mountains outside Rio de Janeiro. I would also have a winter retreat in Moscow equipped with a giant fireplace. My Iguana would be my top advisor. My sister would be given a janitorial job at my swan building. I would also have a team of 50 maids/bodyguards that would check all my rooms for me. That would be a perfect day as an adult for me!

To Be A Man, Or Not To Be… By: Ashwin S.

If I was an adult I would get a Phd in a subject. I would also like to know 6 languages. I would have a dog and own a car. I would have a nice house in Phuket,Thailand . I also want to write a few books.  These are what I would do If I were an adult. If you’re reading this blog post you would probably think that I’m not being creative enough and not aiming high enoguh. But what I have learned is that, few people can reach that hight. Some people say that you can do anything but that’s not true. The sooner people realize that the better they’ll do later in life because they’ll be ready for disappointments. What I think people should do is try there best, and if success comes with it, so be it. Even more important is to keep on trying no matter how much disappointment you go through.