A Game I play By Ryan H

Gogeta_vs_omega shenron

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My brother, my cousin and I love to play tenkaichi, budokai, and budokai tenkaichi series of dragon ball z. You battle using energy waves and super agility and strength. The characters are so fast that you can’t see them moves sometimes, and some characters can use instant transmision so they can teleport to where they want. It is truly amazing.

instant transmission->

Instant Transmission

Instant Transmission

Big Bang Kamehameha->

An energy blast The Big Bang Kamehameha!

An energy blast The Big Bang Kamehameha!

My Favorite Game by Haley C.

My favorite games to play with my family are Monopoly and Scrabble. I haven’t actually played these in a while, because my family has been so busy, but I still really enjoy to play boardgames. I like other games like Life, Connect 4, Jenga, Sorry, chess, and Pick Up Sticks. They’re all really fun to play. 

Games That My Family Plays By Cole D.

Currently, my family plays Words With Friends, an online type of Scrabble for the iPhone, making big words for lots of points like JARS, with the J on the triple letter and S on the triple word, for 99 points. We used to play Monopoly and Sorry and  with our grandmother. We would all sit around the dining room table, my brother and I arguing about “No! You’re cheating! You gave yourself too much money!” while my mom tried to get us to stop. So, my mom would then be the banker, and we would try to win. In Sorry, my brother, grandparents, cousins, and I play Sorry, trying to make it around the board. It was really fun. Most of the time, someone would get all their pieces out very quickly, and end up losing very badly. We also would build puzzles and play Jenga. In Jenga, the tower would fall, and it sometimes fell on you. We had really good times playing board games.

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My Favorite Game

My favorite game to play is Temple Run on my iPhone. It’s really fun because you have to pay attention and not look away because you always have to jump and swerve different obstacles as you go. It’s super addicting because you get new high scores and earn more coins every time you play. It’s really exciting to buy more power ups as you go to help you run faster, run through things, and attract coins. My friends and I love to see who can get the highest score.



Favorite Games! By: Audrey M

I love to play games with my family. Some of the ones we play are Pay Day, Clue, Apples to Apples, Jenga, Mario Kart, Scrabble, and Monopoly. My personal favorite is Scattegories. We always pair up. I go with my big brother. My younger-older brother goes with my mommy and my daddy rides solo. This is fun because it tests our skills and it doesn’t matter the age of smarts because everyone can come up with 4-letter words that start with D, or a girls name that starts with T. This is what I love about family game nights.

Family Game by Christy M

A family game my family plays is called “Taboo.” It’s a four-player game where you sit across from a partner. You draw a card and the timer starts. Then you have to describe the word on the card, but certain words will be “taboo.” For example you draw “cat.” Then the card will have the words feline, meow, purr, animal, and mammal beneath it. You would have to start describing a cat without those words, and the partner would have to guess it. It’s a lot of fun.

Risk by Ethan

I play Risk with my family because I like the idea of world domination. It is really fun because I always win. I have the best army, the best home country, and and the best army. Tip: Europe is to be taken at the end of the game because it is a serious pain in the rear. You need to rely heavily on cards to supply yourself with troops. Take Kamchatka early. My forces are unstoppable, I have never lost a game. My superior strategy will destroy you with your sad inferior troops. Risk is really fun and you should play it.



Board Games With Family

When my family has time to play a board game we usually play Monopoly. Monopoly is an all time favorite game in my family. Monopoly is a game where you start off with a certain amount of money. You roll the die and if you land on a property you have the choice to buy it. Eventually if you buy enough houses you can buy hotels. You can also buy railroads. The object of the came is to have the most money by the time the first person loses all their money.