Grammar Project by Sylvia

I did good vs well for my project. I chose this topic becaause I wanted to find out if the sentence “I am good,” is correct. It turns out that you can say good, but well is better. A rule to remember is that well is an adverb and good is an adjective. If you use good as an adverb or well as an adjective then you know you are wrong.

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Community Service by Sylvia

Photo by Mrs. Donnelly

I did gleaning on community service day, and it was really fun. Franny and I filled at least 60 bags of sweet potatoes. When we first got there, I was like, “The fields are huge!” but we only went gleaning on one of them (which was the bigger one). Only a few seconds in and I hear Franny screaming, “Sylvia, look at this one, it’s huge!” when I was just opening the bag. Within the first five minutes, we had three bags filled and in the truck. Within an hour, we had about 35 bags filled. I lost track after twelve bags. I didn’t know we were going to get that many, and some people got over 100. When we had to leave I felt good about how many bags Franny and I filled, and I was also really thirsty!

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I Am Proud Of by Sylvia

Photo by Sylvia

This is our trophy from our first tournament.

I am proud of my soccer team because we won two tournaments in a row, and last year we walked away with only silvers. The last tournament we played in we crushed every team we played (9-0, 6-0) except for the one we played in the finals. We should have won, but the ref didn’t like our coach, so we went to PKs. We made our first one, they missed, then we both made it, then we both missed, then we both made it. If we made this one, we would win. GOAL!!! We won!

Zip-lining at Cheerio by Sylvia

Zip-lining at Camp Cheerio was really fun. It was also really high, which made it even more fun. I thought most of our time was gone by the time we finished putting harnesses on and talking about all the rules, and the hill was very steep, but that wasn’t much of a problem. Actually, we had plenty of time, even though I only got to go twice. While I was on the zip-line, I felt like I was flying, but of course, that’s not possible. Then I tried leaning backwards. That was really fun. Unfortunately, I was the first one that didn’t get to go three times, so I just waited for everyone to come down. I was sad to leave the zip-line, but then I had the mud slide to look forward to.

Photo by Mrs. Donnelly