Membean by Jack H

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In Language Arts class we are using a great program named Membean. This program helps everyone in the class with their spelling and vocabulary. There are several things it does. It teaches you new words, the definition for those words, and how the word is broken up. At the beginning of the year, I was not very good at Membean, but as I kept using it I got better and better. Membean is really easy  to use and I think all teachers should get an account for their students.

Brains by Jinger


Making the brains was super fun! They were super creative and you could combine all the stuff you love into a brain! I put a ton of stuff in my brain like my favorite sports, songs, friends, books, artist and much more. I enjoyed looking at other people’s brains and comparing them to mine to see what was different and similar. I thought it was a great way to end the year!

Brain by Bella K.


Every brain needs rest!!!! You will be cranky after working for more than a couple hours. So you should sleep and let your brain to rest. Especially when you feel tired and sleepy, it means your brain is “overpowered”, and it has to be calmed down to take in all the things you have been working on. Whether you want to or not, your brains are filled with tons and tons things of everything in your life. So go get some sleep tonight!

iPads by Jinger

This year been so different with the iPads. It is definitely more responsibility. Having to take care of a $500 dollar device is a lot of pressure! If you left it at school or forgot it at home was always scary for me because I like to know where it is and if it’s safe 24/7. Although sometimes they have caused me a lot of stress they have helped me immensely with my school work.

We have done a lot new things with the iPads this year. It has helped me learn and study. There are lots of websites for learning like Quizlet and different online websites that help me study. We utilize our iPads in a majority of our classes like Language Arts, Spanish, science and much more. We don’t use our iPads as much in math as we do in Language Arts or any other class because we mostly used the smart board. The iPads have been a great addition to our learning program and I look forward to using it next year.


Brain Story By: Ryan


This is a story I wrote for sentences in LA:

One SATURNINE day on the cruise Little Timmy lied PROSTRATE vomiting on the ground next to him when suddenly the boat began to OSCILLATE. The swinging was violent as if a herd of elephants were ramming into the cruise. While this was happening there was a faint sound that sounded like, “lolololololololololooo!” Little Timmy thought he was hearing things so he dismissed the sound. Little Timmy went to his room to get some pills that made him SOPORIFIC. He woke up to see two massive police officers that were about to PINION him. “W-wh-what have I done?” Stammered Little Timmy. “Sorry kid, wrong room,” the officers thumped out. The boat started to rumble again, and that was when Little Timmy heard the sound again. This time he went to investigate. It was coming from the cargo area. Little Timmy came across a blanket with a NODULE. The lumps was eeriely TACITURN as Little Timmy approached it. Suddenly a LUGUBRIOUS alpaca jumped out from under the blanket. “Olé! Lolololololololololooo!” The alpaca screeched. The animal bit Little Timmy truncating one of Timmy’s fingers. The alpaca started running around in circles and began to TANTALIZE Little Timmy, “Lolololololololololooo!” The alpaca continued screeching. Little Timmy was about to go mentally insane when a titanic MAELSTROM appeard and sucked the ship in. Everybody died…


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Membean by Charlie





Membean is an online vocabulary program, created by Ragav Satish. He used Neuroscience (Brain Science) to create the optimal program for learning words. It will teach you definitions, part of speech, words, and even roots. I have had a great experience with this program! I have yet to come across any code gaps (bugs) that irk me. I find this program very fun and an excellent tool for learning. What is even cooler is that we wrote the developer and he wrote back! It was great seeing that he responded to everyone. Overall, this is a great program that is very useful.

iPads by Nate







In sixth grade we got iPads. I use my iPad the most in either Spanish or Language Arts. In Language Arts I use it for homework, Membean, and in class for blog posts. In Spanish I use it for homework and studying. I can use Keynote for projects and Evernote for homework. My favorite app is Google Docs because I can do a lot on it. I think iPads were a good choice this year.

iPads by Charlie

This year we used iPads to test them out, for possible use for school. It was a huge success, in my opinion.  A favorite applications of mine was the BrainPop app. The iPads are special because they are a mobile learning device. The tech teachers put all sorts of learning apps on them! They were a really cool addition to the curriculum! By the the middle of the year in Language Arts, all we used were iPads! They are coming back next year too!

iPads by Bella K.

Picture by Mr.Schafer
The iPads have been a great new gadget this year. Many people prefer to have an Apple laptop instead, and I do too, but remember just to be happy with what you have because 99% of all other schools in the United States probably don’t have this iPad opportunity. It is true that the iPad did not reduce any books to carry, and many have not used the iPad a single time in some of their classes, but because of the other classes where we do use the iPad, it has been a huge help. some of The apps I have used for those classes are: Evernote, Sketchbook Pro, Reminders, Notes, and Google Drive.


iPads Michael S

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This year we have been given the opportunity of using iPads. IPads are great for projects. The apps I use for projects are: Evernote, Pages, Keynote, Google Docs, Skitch, and Sketchbook. My favorite app would probably be Evernote because I love the layout and it’s really easy to use. IPads have helped me in a great way by taking notes, studying, sharing notes, and having access to teachers notebooks. I use my iPad in every class but rarely in math class. We mostly use it in Language Arts. I am very happy that we had the chance to use iPads.