Brain Pop by Katie C.

Photo was taken by Katie C.

Brain Pop is a great place to go to learn. It has videos on a ton of things. Like videos that have to do with math, science, history and other topics. You can get an account on Brain pop and get lots of videos. Even if you don’t have an account, Brain Pop has free videos you can watch. With every video you watch you can take a quiz and see how much you learned. It could help you study for a test or quiz by watching the video that has to do with the topic of the quiz or test and then taking the quiz. Also it is fun to just go to Brain Pop and watch the daily videos. Brain Pop is a great way to learn and the videos are very interesting. I love Brain Pop.

First, Second, and Third Person by Katie C

 This picture was made by Katie C.

You can use either first, second, or third person in a sentence. An example for first person is we. One for second person is you and one for third person is they. First, second and third person is an importante part of the sentence. It could be confusing if you use the first person instead of second or third person. One example is Hi, How are I? The correct way is Hi, how are you? That is the difference between first, second, and third person.

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Dogs By Katie

Dogs are sweet animals. Dogs live for about ten to thirteen years (one dog year is seven human years). There are many types of dogs. Dogs take a lot of care. You need to make sure you feed the dog and take them on walks. They make great pets for families with little or older kids. You can have a small dog or a big dog.  I have a dog. I got him when I was about five or six years old. He is always there for me and I love him. He is fun to play with. Dogs make the best pets.



Community Service by Katie C.

Photo by Mrs. Donnelly

At school we went potato gleaning. Potato gleaning is just another way of saying potato picking. It was fun to find the potatoes. We went to a farm and started to glean potatoes. The potatoes were mostly on the top of the soil. We had to dig out some potatoes because they were half buried. We put them into bags and brought them to a truck. There were mostly small potatoes, but I found some big ones. I was working with a friend, and we collected sixteen bags of potatoes. The potatoes were for the Society of St. Andrew. I felt good about giving to the community.

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Camp Cheerio Fun By Katie C.

A few weeks ago in school we went to Camp Cheerio. All of the activities were fun. One activity we did was the zip line. We also went on a mud slide and got very muddy. Another fun one was the rock climbing wall and the vertical playpen. One day we went canoeing on the second oldest river in the world. The hike was tiring but the view was very pretty. The cabins at Cheerio were nice and it was fun at night to whisper and talk.  I loved Camp Cheerio.

Photo by Mrs. Donnelly