Frank Gallery Hero by: Sam G.

Photo by Mrs. Donnelly

As you can see my brother, Spencer, (on the right) loves my hero book I made for him. Spencer is very smart, athletic and is in his junior-year at a Christian school. He is 17 years old and he can drive his car and our family’s boat with no sweat. He is nice, funny, and loves playing basketball. His dream is to be in the NBA.

Talk To Your Teen By: Sam G.

In the book our class is reading, Liam, the main character of our book Cosmic has to learn about teens. He picks up a book called Talk To Your Teen. This is what I think you should talk to your teen about. Have your teen talk to you about school and keep asking is there something you’re not telling me. Talk to your kid constantly. Limit him to social media, screen time, and let him do his own homework. Check his social media posts and make sure he is not online or texting too much. Play games outside with your teen and talk about what your teen likes to do.

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If I Were A Grown Up For A Day I Would By: Sam

Photo taken from flickrstorm.

First I would go to Bojangles’ and get breakfast. Then I would bring some breakfast back for my family. Then all of us would go to King’s Dominion and ride roller coasters and water slides. On our way to Kings Dominion I would tell my kids the ultra dare.

I told them on my first roller coaster here I was the loudest screamer on the Dominator. But then one of my friends dared me not to scream on any more of the rides and I did. The second roller coaster I went on those many years ago. It is called the Shock Wave that was the first part of the challenge it was a stand-up roller coaster.

Other memories being favorites are the Volcano, water rides, and the epic Intimidator. We would all have chunk food and give the kids all the candy they could eat and the rest we would all take home. Then we would het some souvenirs that would read maybe something like this:”I rode the Intimidator”. We would have a blast!

Afterwards I would go home watch a movie on demand and eat popcorn then a quick shower and brushing of the teeth before going to bed.

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Book Recommendation Eagle Strike By:Sam

Photo by Sam

Our main character in this story is young teen named Alex Rider, a spy who is the MI6’s secret weapon. Nobody would expect a fifteen year-old boy to work for such a successful company in spy technology and work. Alex was taught Karate when he was 6 years old by his deceased uncle who used to work for MI6. This book is the fourth book of the 9 books in the series.

This book is by an author by the name of Antony Horowitz. Besides the Alex Rider series he has written: The Falcon’s Malteser, Public Enemy Number Two, Three of Diamonds, and South by Southeast. On each of his books he has:”The New York Times best seller” and that saying is well deserved.

In this book Alex is on vacation with his friend Sabina at the beach. It is about three o’clock and the sun beats down on their bare backs. Alex gets out of the water and walks over to Sabina tanning in the sun. They begin to talk about how good the vacation is and what they should do next.

All of the sudden a ship comes into the harbor. Alex recognizes the ship. It is a one enemy and criminal of M16. I leave you here audience. If you read Eagle Strike you will find out if Alex’s vacation is totally ruined and he will have to run away or  if he will stay and capture the brute.

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My Wisdom Tale By:Sam









Love Can Never Be Separated

There once was a mother bird who had three children named Robert and Isabel, the oldest children, and Matthew the new-born baby. The mother’s name is Kate, and Kate has lost her dear husband, Jim. Many times a month she tells her children the great tragedy of her husband’s death.

There was a clever merchant with a gun searching for a bird to sell at the market. It was at that moment, when the hunter was in the woods waiting for a bird that Matthew was born. The father came out of his house to get food for their newborn son Matthew. On his way out the mother watched him fly swiftly through the air, the children were inside playing games with Matthew and trying to give him lessons. The mother then sees with her own two eyes her husband fall out of the sky while the gunshot was fired. She rushes out to him but then sees the hunter and ducks behind some bushes. She sees her husband being carried away by the hunter; since she did not know what to do she waited until the man had disappeared.

She flew back home with some food for her son Matthew and tells her children that she decided to get the food because the father had to see another bird for some flying advice. The next day she told her children the truth about what really happened to her husband.

Three years later she goes out early in the morning to get breakfast for her children. She goes straight down towards the ground for some worms or snails. She hears her child Matthew slip out of the nest and acts quickly. She darts forward, like a bullet, catching her head-shaken child and brings him back to the nest. She darts back down for food unaware that the same hunter that killed her husband was aiming at her.  A gunshot goes out and she plummets to the ground; dead she was. She sees her husband reach out for her with his wing and she takes it with hers and flies up into the sky, leaving everything else behind.

Moral: You are always going to feel trapped in life, but now your spirit is free.



Talkative Turtle By: Sam

Our 6th grade LA Classes had to make a Comic Life Presentation on a Wisdom Tale of our choice. I did my Wisdom Tale on a story from India called Talkative Turtle. It is a story about a turtle who has no friends because he talks way too much and he is very selfish. In the story, two birds fly into the water where the turtle is pondering about his problems. He tries to become friends with the birds and then asks, “Can I come back to your home with you?” The birds agree and carry him on a stick attached to their beaks. Some children say, “What smart birds. They are carrying that turtle to safety.” In the end, the turtle yelled at the children and he fell off the stick to his doom.

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