iPad Styluses–The Bamboo Stylus by Alex G

There were three styluses that I got to try out for the iPad. There was the Amazon one, the Bamboo one and the Cosmonaut. The Cosmonaut was way too big and the Amazon one just didn’t feel right. I like the Bamboo one for sure. I am using the bamboo one right now to write. It is small and easy to carry around. I have a small hand so it helps to have a small pen. It is also heavier than the Amazon one, making it easier to handle. I also like the size of the tip. It is smaller and can be more precise when drawing something detailed and when pressing smaller keys and buttons. It also has a nice clip that can hook to the case, your shirt, or a bag. I also just like the name, the Bamboo stylus. I hope to get it!

Which Stylus I Liked Most by James

In LA we tried out some different styluses so we know which is best to use next year. We tried three different ones: Bamboo, Amazon Basic, and Cosmonaut. I got to try all three. My favorite one was the Cosmonaut. It is kind of big, so it is hard to carry with your iPad. This makes it easy to lose. I like it because if I was drawing (which is sometimes necessary when taking notes in class) it is very stable. I can put my whole hand around it, which keeps my hand from shaking.
Six different iPad styluses, all different colors
I like the other styluses but they have smaller and more wiggly points which can mess up my accuracy.

Stylus for iPad by: Emma E.

Today in Language Arts class we were able to try out three styluses for the iPad. The three we got to use and try out were: the Bamboo, Amazon Basic, and the Cosmonaut. The Bamboo was the skinniest and was the easiest to use. I think that this stylus would be the easiest to use, and fit inside your iPad. The Amazon Basic was nice too, but it felt like the tip could break easier than the others. The last one, the Cosmonaut, was the fattest, but it was fun to use. The only problem was that it did not fit inside the iPad. In the end the Bamboo stylus was my favorite, and felt the easiest to use.


The Stylus by Dylan P.

I tested out 3 styli. My least favorite was the Amazon Basic. It was bland and did not always work. I did think the Cosmonaut (weird name, Soviet astronaut) was pretty good. However it was giant. It’s like writing with a large pen on steroids. It did, however, work very well. And now on to the the golden one, the Bamboo. It was much better than the Amazon Basic in my opinion, and it was not a monster. It worked very well and was a perfect size. If you want a stylus, I recommend this one.

iPad Stylus by Maggie D

Today in Language Arts we tested styluses for the iPads. We tested the Bamboo, Amazon Basic, and the Cosmonaut. The Amazon Basic was really light and I didn’t like it at all. I liked the Bamboo a lot because it was really easy to write with. I also really liked the Cosmonaut. The Cosmonaut is really thick and big so it is hard to use. It is really easy to write with. I really like it because the end it a point so you know exactly where it will write. The Amazon Basic also had a little string hanging off of it at the end that got in my way a lot. Also the Bamboo is heavy so it is really easy to write with. The Bamboo is also the smallest so you can fit it in your pencil pouch or your iPad case. Next year I think that we should definitely get the Bamboo stylus.



Stylus for iPad by Finn M.

We had three choices of stylus to vote for Bamboo, Amazon Basic and, Cosmonaut. I had two favorites my first was the Cosmonaut except it was too big to carry around so my other favorite was the Bamboo because it was lighter. The Cosmonaut was more fun to draw with. The Amazon Basic was really bad it stuck to the screen and the tip always looked like it was going to fall off.