Week 11 sentences (My Adventures in vocab world) by Matthew

Finally I remembered to put this on the blog! Here I have the fourth awesome chapter about OCEANI!!! Oh wait, that was actually Ocean. Oceani is next. – Direct quote from this chapter.

Chapter Four

Ocean the ocean fanatic

This is Ocean. He really likes the ocean (Duh!) and he is very recalcitrant. He is voted to find the thing all divers seek, The Irish luck treasure. Ocean likes to transpose the books on the bookshelf at the library, so all of the librarians shun him. Ocean is also very salutary considering he plays basketball against me every day. Ocean’s polyglot part of him allows him to go to different countries. Ocean also includes all of the pariah at recess so he is known as Ocean the bomb. Another reason they call him that is because he once wore a scintillated dress for Halloween. He also fell into a tributary and was very sangfroid about it. He got a remuneration for that. anyways, that is OCEANI!!! Oh wait, that was actually Ocean. Oceani is next.

I hope you enjoyed it and I hope you enjoy my next chapter, the one about Oceani.

Chapter 5 in Vocab World by Matthew

Here is what you have all been waiting for, THE WEEK 12 SENTENCES!!! Here is the intro to Oceani.

Chapter Five


Ocean with an I at the end

Oceani is a twin of Ocean (Duh) and he is very carnivorous. He never escalates in size so he doesn’t know why we have to look down at him. he is also hirsute so he shaves A LOT!!! There is a complete equilibrium between Ocean and him. Once I made a huge contretemps and made him go flying off of his bike. Woops! He ended up breaking an arm. He thought it would do some good to pay me back and expunged me. That gave me a bruised arm. Then a harbinger bird came and gave me a message It said that Oceani was going to die before the age of ten. I did not want to have any more dulcet music, My other brother Salmon had already died. Anyways, Oceani’s bike was irreparable. We had to buy him a new one even though he didn’t use it ever. Okay, back to the NEAR past (That crash happened 4 years ago). Oceani now performs fo Celtic Ocean and he is have a hard time not being doggerel.He finally seems to get the hang of it though. Now, finally, whe will take a look at our last family member, Snowi.

My Winter Break by Josh

I have had a pretty crazy break, complete with lots of free time and days with friends. Over winter break, not only have I found time to read, but I have read 4 or five new books. During break I did not find time to write, and I am disappointed. “Me Job” has stuttered to a halt, and I’m sure Drew and Rian are bored waiting in a hotel in Chicago, so I need to get going. Does anyone have any criticisms about my writing? What can I do better? I really really enjoy when someone comments on my post. Sometimes, I’ll wake up early to see if someone has. If I get a few more comments, maybe I’ll post the last few chapters.


What was your winter break like? Image from flickrcc


Help! By Ryan H



From flickrcc

I am trying to makes a group that makes books, characters, and ideas so we can get published. If we come popular enough in North Carolina then we could spread it more. If you know anyone you can contact that can help or spread the idea. I am currently trying to make a superhero comic. If you want to join please say so!

Mythical Creatures by Moshe



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If you read a lot of fantasy books you will realize that there are a lot of mythical creatures like dragons, fairies, minotaurs, and dryads. Some are good that do things like give you advice or wishes. Some are deadly, there is one creature that if you look it straight in the eye you die instantly. I like dragons because they are powerful and I like tree guards because they come to life and capture anyone going in the forest. Griffons look like an eagle and a lion combined. Mythical creatures are fun to learn about and they are great in fantasy books.

What to write by Moshe




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I sit in front of the computer and then my mind goes blank. I wonder what I should write about but nothing comes to mind. I feel like this every time I have to write. Knowing what to write and how you are going to write it is hard. I like reading but I hate writing, it is too complicated for me. When blogging you have to make sure what you write is interesting so people read it. You have to make sure it is appropriate because you can never take it off the internet. You also have to cite everything because you could get sued. The hardest part of blogging is that you have to go there everyday and keep adding blog post or no one will read it.

Writing Tips By Christy

I love writing a lot. I like spending time trying to write, but sometimes I get frustrated with the results. I try to follow a couple of rules to make it better. First, I like using bigger words. It makes the writing more interesting. Second, don’t use basic sentences. If it says “So, I like writing,” said Bob, try changing it to “So, amended Bob, I delight in writing.” Another thing is do not add millions of names or contractions unless you have dialogue. And remember to add scenery and do not add more dialogue than is necessary (unless it sounds good), or else it is confusing. And do not make the book endlessly stretched and boring. So you could change this:

Elle sat on the shore at night petting the dog. She said, “I wish we could go and play.” She heard someone behind her so she turned around and saw her friend April walk up behind her and say, “Hi Elle do you want to go and play at the park bring the dog?” and they walked down the beach towards the park.

t0 this:

Elle plopped down on the sandy white shore with waves lapping at her feet, the moon sending beautiful streaks over the ocean. She stroked her hand through her shaggy dog’s matted fur. “I wish we could go and frolic in the park,” she sighed, speaking to the dog yet knowing it could not possibly understand her.

She heard footsteps softly pounding through the sand, and felt the granules against her back as the person came to a stop. “Hey, Elle. I was wondering if you wanted to go and mess around in the park,” laughed the person. She recognized them as her friend, April. Elle told April that she would love to, and together the duo headed down the beach towards the boardwalk that led to the park, the dog shagging after them, his fur making a brushy path in the sand.

I hope this helps you!

Writing with Laptops by Ian



                                                                                                 Picture from Wikimedia Commons

Before I had this laptop that all the students in the LA Green Language Arts class were issued, I was forced to use a program called Google Docs, which I did not, and continue to not like. Now with my laptop that I can easily and painlessly bring between my home and the school, it is easier to create documents and do homework digitally. Now all it takes for me to move documents from computer to computer, is to insert a flash drive into one computer, and walk a few steps to the other. I love this new technology that Durham Academy has provided us with. I hope that this pilot will go forward, and become school-wide.