What I Would Do If I Were A Grown Up by Batu

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One day I wake up and see that I am six foot ten. The first thing I would do is go to the Apple store and get myself an iPhone 5. Then I get my drivers license. I go to San Francisco in first class in the most luxurious airplane company and meet the Mythbusters in person. This is what I would do if I was an adult.

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Why I Am Reading Alex Rider Batu






I am reading the Alex Rider books because of their suspense and action. Alex was taken by MI6 and trained to be a spy.  He was sent on missions to save the world. He was not to happy when he needed MI6’s help when they denied it and said that that person was not up to something bad. In the end the person was trying to nuke some place in the world and Alex stopped him and saved the world.

My Own Wisdom Tale by Batu


Trapping a Spirit in a Kennel

by Batu

In a desert city, a few months ago, one day a pack of five coyotes were enjoying a great night in their den. That night, a giant downpour flooded their den and forced them out. The next day, the pack wandered into the city. The dog catchers caught them and put them in kennels at the dog shelter. The dog shelter was very close to their den. All of the pack except the wisest one were very depressed. The leader asked the wisest coyote why he was so cheerful and not depressed and mourning like the other three. The wise coyote answered, “The dog catcher may have captured our bodies but he has not captured my spirit and don’t let him capture your spirit too.” Then the pack of coyotes cheered each other up, escaped the dog shelter, and went directly to their den where they lived there happily for the rest of their lives and never let their spirits get trapped in a kennel ever again.


Open Note Test With Our iPads by Batu

My Wisdom Tale Notes (The first four that we did.)

The advantage of using our iPads are that we use less paper and that there is less of a chance of us losing our notes. The disadvantage is that in my Evernote the file size gets really big and takes very long to open. I kind of like taking open note tests because you don’t have to memorize as much stuff as a regular test, yet I think open note tests are harder to study for. If I had to do this again I would go to Mrs Donnelly and ask her what to study for.

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Be Thankful For Life by Batu

I think the one thing we take for granted is life. I don’t think that life is a one time miracle yet it’s out there. Other life is not as advanced as us yet. There may be creatures out there that are like the animals out on the safari like lions and cheetahs, but at the same time no where like them. E.T. life on one planet may be totally dependent on the sky while on another it may exist totally in the oceans. The life in the sky may be that way because on the surface it’s really dark and the plants have to get light. They begin to grow and evolve and when the plants evolve the animals evolve. They grow wings or other limbs used to fly or to get to the plants. All in all life is a miracle and we need to respect life more than we do now.

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How To Use Lie and Lay by Batu

I am going to teach you how to use lie and lay. The fastest way to learn the difference is this: Replace the word with the definition. The definition for lie is to relax or to recline. The definition for lay is to place something down. One more thing, the past tense of lie is lay but the past tense of lay is laid. So I am going to give you four examples and you have to find which is right and which is wrong.

P.S. Just type the letter and if you write wrong then explain and I will give the answers when at least five people post so encourage your friends!

A. I lay my books down on the table.

B. I lie my favorite book on the table.

C. I lay down.

D. I lie down.

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Book Review “Mortal Engines” by Batu

In the book “Mortal Engines” most cites have became traction cites that can move around. They have to eat other cites and keep from being eaten. The city of London has been traveled at full speed towards The Shield Wall and Tom, the main character, is thrown off of London and a girl named Hester Shaw is thrown off too. They both have to work together to get back to London. In the beginning, the two travelers don’t like each others’ company. As the book progresses there is a piece of old technology that’s called MEDUSA. It’s from the sixty minute war, it has tremendous power, and it destroyed a city that was chasing it. Tom and Hester came back to London just in time to stop London from destroying The Shield Wall. To get the full story read “Mortal Engines”.

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Traction City