Talk To Your Teen by Sylvia

In the book Cosmic, Liam is pretending to be Florida’s dad. He sneaks his dad’s book called Talk To Your Teen so he can become more dad-like. A piece of advice I would add to this book would be to not argue with your teen. For example, if your teen shares something with you that you don’t find interesting, and you say it is dumb or something, your teen will not want to talk to you because they will feel offended. When your teen walks away and makes a comeback, do not pay any attention. They’re just trying to make you feel bad.

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A Day As a Grown-up by Sylvia

If I were a grown-up for a day I would sleep until ten and live by my own rules in my own house. Drive around in my convertible with my friends and just see how far it takes us. I’d travel to places the world craves to see, dance around and party at one in the morning without any worry about not getting enough sleep. I could be doing what I want 24/7 with no one to stop me but then work hard and earn a fortune. I would be out living the life. But the only problem with being a grown-up is that you wish you were a kid again.


Book Review/Recommendation by Sylvia








Photo by Sylvia

The book I am reading right now is called Down The Rabbit Hole. It was one of the books in a book talk a while ago I was interested in it and checked it out. I am really enjoying this book because something happens at the beginning that doesn’t get solved until the end. The main character, Ingrid, is thirteen years old, lives in Echo Falls and plays soccer. One day, she decides to walk to soccer practice because her parents didn’t come in time to pick her up. She gets lost on the way and a woman that is known to be crazy lets her inside her house. The woman lets her call a cab to come pick her up and when she leaves she doesn’t notice she forgot her cleats. Then, the next day, the woman is found dead in her house. Soon Ingrid realizes her cleats could make her a suspect for murder, but she doesn’t know what to do. Unfortunately, her choice was actually a bad idea.

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Wisdom Tale by Sylvia


Photo by Sylvia

The Dream

Arnold and his friend Clive worked at the same place in New York City. Arnold had just gotten back from Miami where he attended a funeral. A couple days later, he got into trouble for not following an important rule and was suspended for two weeks. Clive however, got accused of something bigger and was fired. Since Arnold was the one who was supposed to be fired and did not stand up for Clive, Clive said, “Maybe you should have never come back to New York City!”

“Maybe I shouldn’t have,” Arnold argued and soon was packed and had a ticket to Phoenix, Arizona. On the plane, since it was late, Arnold went to sleep. “Where am I?” He asked himself in the dream.

“You’re on the plane, like you are supposed to be,” said a small person.

“But no one else is on the plane!” Arnold exclaimed.

“That’s because you are in a dream.” Arnold was confused, but recognized the person’s scratchy voice, and was curious about what was happening.

“What am I doing in a dream?” Arnold asked.

“How am I supposed to know, it’s your dream,” said the strange person.

“Actually, I do, but I’m mad at you for making me part of your dream!” Arnold realized it was a character from a show he liked to watch.

“Why are you here?” Arnold was a little freaked out.

“I am here to show you what would’ve happened if you had never come back to New York City, let’s start with Clive.” All of a sudden Arnold thought he was in a different dimension. One second later, he was in Clive’s house now junky and gross. Then the character came out the shelf. “Well, take a look.” Clive, now fat and stinky, was eating candy and watching TV. He was yelling something that Arnold couldn’t understand. “C’mon, let’s go to your dad’s.” Arnold found himself in a jail cell. “See, your friend and dad aren’t to happy are they?”

“What about my mom?”

“She died in a car accident coming to see you.”

“What about Summer?”

“Your wife? She got married to Justin Bieber and moved to Mexico.”

“Can I get on my plane now.”

“Have you learned your lesson?”


“What did you learn?”


“I’ll let you go but if you don’t do the right thing you’re coming back.”


“Goodbye.” Arnold woke up on the plane and when it landed he headed back to New York. Clive was really happy to see him and when Arnold looked up he saw the character giving him a thumbs up. Arnold gave him a smile and waved. He never saw the character again but knew he was still watching.

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Paca and Beetle Comic by Sylvia

Photo by Sylvia

I really enjoyed the Comic Life project because it was fun putting the story into a comic. I retold Paca and Beetle. I really like Comic Life because you can add all these cool fonts, colors, and patterns. Fortunately, I was able to successfully transfer a few Sketchbook drawings into Comic Life. Doing projects like these make me learn more about the apps and overall technology.

Open Note Wisdom Tales Test by Sylvia

Today we took a wisdom tales test. We have been working on many different tales for about two months. I like taking open note tests because if you have good notes you’re probably going to get a good grade. Plus it’s really helpful to have your notes right in front of you. There was an advantage to having an iPad, it was a lot more organized. If it wasn’t on an iPad, you could have ten pieces of paper and you would have to look through all of them just to find one or two sentences. I hope the next time we have a test it is open note.

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Christmas is Coming by Sylvia





Isn’t it so exciting that Christmas is in 20 days!? I can’t wait. I just got my Christmas tree, but it doesn’t have anything on it yet. Actually, I haven’t put up any decorations yet. Josh, my brother, wants a pocket knife, but I don’t think he’s getting one. I have no idea what I want. I hope everyone is excited about Christmas and I hope everyone is ready, too.

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I Am Thankful For My Dogs by Sylvia






On of the things I am very thankful for are my dogs. They are always very lively and excited. Whenever I come inside, they’re there, they are always there for me. I am proud of them for many things like: they just turned three, I successfully taught Madi how to play soccer, and they learned how to fetch and catch a tennis ball. I am very glad we got them.

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What I’m Thankful For By Sylvia






One of the things I am thankful for is being able to eat good food because some people can’t eat good food like most of us. I am very lucky that I am one of those people that can eat. The other thing I am thankful for is the places where people can get food they wouldn’t be able to get if there wasn’t a place like that. Now, those people also get to enjoy a wonderful Thanksgiving and any other meal they have without worrying about having to make sure everyone got enough to eat. I am very excited for Thanksgiving and I bet everyone else is too.

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Soccer Champs By Sylvia

Screenshot of standings from:

Last weekend my soccer team played our last soccer game. We won 3-1. Since we won that game we won our fall league. Me and all my teammates are very excited; my coach is too. I think we are a very good team and I can’t wait for spring when we start the spring league. But I am not excited to play the KSA Lady Comets again. We beat them by a lot but I almost got crushed (literally) by this six foot girl. She was really six feet tall, it’s not an exaggeration. I went up to about her waist.

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