Lady Or Tiger by Michael S

Sweating, trembling, hoping, the princess’s lover walked to the two doors. He thought about which one he was going to open. The man was scared because everyone was chanting OPEN IT!!!!! Over and over. Some people in the crowed were even throwing things at him, especially coins, food, and even bottles.

     He walked up to the door. He thought and thought and thought about which door he was going to pick. He just stood there with grief. He fell to his knees praying that he was going to die.

     He got up and opened the door on the right. There was nothing there in the dark room but this sign that said, “Look behind you.” As he turned his head he saw the princess and the tiger with vicious looks on their faces.

     The princesses lover was very scared trembling and tensing up. The princess was still mad at the man for flirting with that other lady. The tiger was drooling. He was so hungry. In a blink of an eye, the tiger and the princess started to run after the man into the dark room. There was a door that no one knew about. The man found that door but it was too late. The tiger ripped him to shreds. Blood was everywhere all on the walls and floor.  The princess also had blood all over her, but you could see her laughing with a grin on her face. Anyone in her way to not lover deserved to be killed.

Open Note Test By Kira S






Today in Language Arts we took an open note wisdom tale test. When I took the wisdom tales test I thought it was helpful to have my notes if I needed them. When I first looked at the test, it looked a little hard. Although when I actually got the test and started it, it was easy. I liked how we had the option of extra credit. I think memorizing the last six lines was a good way to earn extra credit!

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I am Thankful for…….by Lana K.






There are many things that I am thankful for, for example, my Uggs (boots), my Northface (jacket), my phone, etc. Although, there is one thing that stands out of most of them. My education. There are some kids in the world that don’t even have pencils to write with or books to read. I go to Durham Academy. A place where, on a daily basis, I get to see my friends and expand my knowledge of various subjects. I get taught Language Arts, Spanish, Math, Sports, History, Science, and a Fine Art. But, the people I should thank are my parents, who drive me to school, and pay for it. By doing those things makes me know they really care. DA is such a great place to go to school because, for one, almost all of my closest friends attend DA, and two, they make learning fun (most of the time). This particular holiday season, you should think about what your thankful for and make sure to acknowledge it. Have a Happy Turkey Day!

Thanksgiving by Lana K.

Thanksgiving is coming up and I am looking forward to it! Usually, every year my immediate family hosts my distant family for Thanksgiving dinner, but this year we are going to the beach to be thankful. I am thankful for going to such an amazing school and having such a great family and friends. On Thanksgiving, people most likely eat turkey, although, being in a Greek family, we eat lamb on Thanksgiving (along with other traditional Thanksgiving foods). My favorite dessert by far is pecan pie, so as you could imagine, I really love Thanksgiving desserts. I hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving celebration!






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Fall Season by Jenny

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The Fall season is one of my favorite seasons. It is such an exciting and relaxing season with the chilly weather to the cool breezy weather. I really enjoy going to play outside in the fall while the wind is blowing and there is a nice breeze. I enjoy going on nice runs, raking leaf piles, and just playing outside. It’s really cool how the colors of the leaves change from green, red, yellow, and orange. Another one of my favorite things is that if we get lucky going into the winter season we will get some snow! I love snow, but the sad thing about it is that we hardly ever get it here in North Carolina. If anything we might just get about one or two inches of it. I love the fall season!

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The Corn Maze and Haunted Trail by Lana K.

Last weekend some friends and I went to a corn maze and haunted trail. We started off with the corn maze when we got there because the haunted trail had to start after dark. We received tickets when we got there. As we went through the maze, we had to find checkpoints to stamp our tickets with. There were eight checkpoints total in the whole maze, but by the time we got out we only stamped seven shapes in our card. Although, the other group of our friends stamped eight.

Once we got out of the maze, we ate pizza, played frisbee, and waited for the haunted evening ahead of us. After dark, we got in a line infringing of a pitch black tunnel. A few minutes after getting in line, we suddenly hear a chainsaw and see a very terrifying clown chasing after the people in line. The next creature to come out was a devil/werewolf. He wouldn’t have been that scary except for the fact that before I knew it, he was chasing me through the woods, around a den, until I was on my knees, with my hands over my eyes, screaming my head off. I was on the verge on tears until he accidentally kicked me, broke character, and said, “Oh my gosh, are you ok?” I got off my knees and didn’t respond.

Before we were all about to go into the tunnel, everybody there was going to enter, but after hearing the screams of the people in front of us, only four girls were on board, including me. After we got out of the tunnel, every one of the four girls, except for me had gotten too scared and exited the trail. It was only me, my friend’s mom, and her brother. The rest of the trail was pretty predictable because of my friends brother who every time a guy was going to pop out in front of us he knew and told us.

At the end of the night, I thought about our experience and laughed. I ended up having a great time.



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My Stop-Motion Project for LA and How I Made it by Gus

Stop-motion is one of my favorite hobbies. Stop motion is where you take a picture of something, move it very, very, slightly and take another picture. After several hundred, it looks like a movie.I volunteered to do one for LA to both amuse my classmates and to get me to do something. The camera I used is very old, but it has a remote. Since it is from the early eighties, it is very hard to upload the pictures onto a computer, and I have to plug in three different wires to get it to work. One of these is a USB cord going into the other, the other is the charger because the camera is so old that it needs that to turn on. The third wire is for sending more power through the second to be able to turn it on.

Now I’m going to talk about what was in the movie. I did it on the Week Three Vocabulary. The words that I used in it were: sinewy, pinnacle, caucus, opulent, potable, carcinogen, conveyance, circumvent, plummet, and seraph. It was about 500 pictures, and took me about 25 hours (three for finding the remote, four for shooting, eleven for editing, and four getting it on the disc. Another few hours spent planning it as well) just to make a four minute movie. Almost half of it was created through editing. When I brought it to school, I had put it on a memory chip because the disk wasn’t working.

Finally, the moment came. As I brought it to the teacher at lunch, I was wondering if this was a good idea.  When I reached the class, I opened the door. She plugged it in to the computer, and it played. To my relief, she loved it. An hour  later, I played it and they also liked it (or at least I think).

Four Weeks Later….

Almost a month later, my fellow advisees seemed depressed, until one of them asked to see my movie again.

I played it, and they wanted to see it again.

I really think that everyone should try stop-motion, because not only is it fun, but it is entertaining when you finish.