Talk To Your Teen by Franny C

In the book, Cosmic, the main character, Liam, is pretending to be a grown up because he is very tall, and he really wanted to go on a special trip for a dad and kid.

Just a tip, but I know my parents do this- sweets. You need to limit sweets. From my own experience, I know that not just teens but younger kids as well get pretty crazy and scary if they get a hold of too many sweets (not naming names but I know my parents will know who I’m talking about). Don’t force them to avoid the sweets but start talking about the negative effects and it’ll get them to stop pretty soon after. Don’t watch them eating afterwards because they won’t want you to know that they actually heard you.

Teens don’t like admitting things so try to get them to stop in a way that they may not know you’re doing it. If they find out what you’re doing, they aren’t going to stop because, like I said, they will try to be stubborn and act like they can do whatever they want. But if you don’t want to read this big, long paragraph, than just remember this: limit the sweets and do it in secret!

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Grown Ups by Franny







Photo by Franny

If I were a grown up, I would start a fun job like teaching and then I would get a nice cozy house in a nice cozy neighborhood where there are a lot of kids and everyone knows everyone. I wouldn’t have much money but I would get enough to live a comfortable and healthy life. I would have a cute little car and my house would have a nice garden outside. As soon as I got enough money, I would get a dog who would be my constant companion and would go everywhere with me. Maybe later, I would get another dog. We would walk to the park every day and throw the frisbee or tennis ball. The garden would be on eather side of a nice path to the door and in front, I would have a big fenced in yard. I would live somewhere pretty with lots of forests and fields. Maybe it will be near the beach. I would have many friends that were in my neighborhood and we would always go to each others houses. I may have a family later. I think being a grown up for a while would be cool and fun!

Trying For a Good Book: A Book Review for the Inkheart Series by Franny

Photo by Franny

Have you ever had that problem that you just finished a series and now you don’t know what to read? Well, I have. I had just finished a really good series and was looking for a good book to read. Well… I think I’ll give that Inkheart series a try.

In about a month, I had finished the first book. Now I am on the second. They are great books. There are three in the series: Inkheart, Inkspell, and Inkdeath. They are about a girl named Meggie and her father Mo. Mo has a gift to read things out of books and it gets them in lots of trouble.

At the end of the first book, they think they have gotten all the trouble out of the way but of course, they haven’t because there are two more books. If you have seen the movie, it in no way compares to the book! Read these great books to find out all the details of the story!

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The Troublesome Acorn by Franny

The Troublesome Acorn

One day, a squirrel was jumping about through the red and yellow and orange leaves of the fall trees when he paused in mid scamper and lifted his nose. And then he saw it: heaven. That was the only explanation. A nut as big as his paw was barely hanging on to a thin little branch just above his head. It was beautiful. Golden brown and gleaming in the sunlight. And the best part… It was his favorite type of nut- acorn.

Ignoring the risks of going up so high on that thin of a branch, he scampered up the trunk of the great oak and shimmied as far as he could along the branch. He even heard it groan under his weight. He stretched his claws as far as they would reach but it wasn’t enough. He finally shimmied so far that the acorn was straining for a grasp on the thin branch. Right as he was about to snag the acorn from its perch, the branch snapped and he was plummeting to the ground. Luckily, being a squirrel, he was able to twist around in mid air and avoided hitting the ground head or back first. He finally found the acorn in the red and orange leaves and triumphantly ripped of the cap and broke the shell.

The insides were black. It was a rotten nut. The squirrel angrily threw the nut to the ground he headed back up the tree. Suddenly, he sniffed. Startled, he looked around with a surprised look. All around him, with their golden shells gleaming in the sun, hung acorns.

Big and small. Wow, he thought to himself, I must have been pretty greedy for that one acorn if I couldn’t see all of these wonderful ones! He took a not-too-golden, not-too-big one from a branch beside him and nibbled at the insides. Mmmmmmm, he sighed a long, contented sigh as the lovely flavor entered his mouth and he wondered, how can a squirrel like me have to see one, giant, rotten acorn when, in reality, the good ones are right next to me?

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Wisdom Tales Comic by Franny C

In language arts, we read a book of wisdom tales and took notes on them. After our wisdom tales test, we did a wisdom tales comic. For our comic, we used Comic Life and we put together a comic that showed the story of a wisdom tale. I did The Lion Makers. I really liked this project because we were able to do it sort of on our own time and in class time. I liked drawing the pictures and picking out the format for my comic like doing the text box and other words fill color! I like doing that kind of design-type stuff. For me, this was a really nice experience and I will definitely be doing more comics for fun and- who knows- maybe they will be for another class too!

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Open- note Wisdom Tales Test by Franny






On Wednesday, Mrs. Donnelly’s class had an open- note wisdom tales test. I liked it because I didn’t have to remember as much as regular tests. I was also able to work a little faster with the Emojis and highlighting job I had done. It helped me find the specific stories. I didn’t have to do much to study except for my highlighting and Emojis because I had been going over them every time we had to do another in our notes.

The Mind Meister map helped also. I would not have been able to remember all of the different types of stories. Overall, I like having open note tests rather than regular tests because they make me feel less stressed. I was also able to learn how to right a proper essay which I am guessing will come in handy later on in schooling. It definitely made me realize how much easier it is to organize notes when you have tons of different notes all together like that. I will definitely be using that strategy again and I hope it will be for another open- note test (more preferably, a quiz!).

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I Am Grateful For… By Franny C

I am thankful for my family and friends. My friends are always a way to count on a good day, even if something bad happens. They remind me that there is always tomorrow to be better. I am also grateful to have my sweet doggies to greet me at the door or fence. They always make me happy when I see them. I like being able to see both my parents all the time because I know that not all kids get to do that. I am happy that I am able to get a good education and a nice house to stay in. Unlike some kids, I can always expect some kind of meal even if it is not always too fancy.

I am also very grateful for books and writing utensils. Otherwise, if I was bored or had nothing to do, I would not be able to do anything. Education ties into this one too because if there was no school, I still wouldn’t be able to do anything because I would not know how to read or write. I would also not be able to get a job because most jobs need reading and writing skills. Luckily, we do have those things. Though I am worried that with all this technology, we will all forget the importance of spelling, reading, books, and paper. If you want, you can comment and say what you think about it!

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Christmas and Thanksgiving by Franny




These coming months of school I am going to go see my grandparents (I’m not sure when). For Thanksgiving, I am looking forward to a really good meal! At Christmas, I want to see as many cousins as I can! My cousins are fun to see. My little sister’s b- day is coming up and I want to try to give her something. Also, my b- day is coming up but I don’t know what I want. I always love this time of year!

My Grammar Project by Franny C.

My grammar project was about complete vs incomplete sentences. I found out that there are two parts of a sentence:

The subject- who or what the sentence is about.

The predicate- what he/she/it is doing, will do, or has done.

I had some examples like: Peter walked his dog, and The dogs played on the floor. If you don’t have a subject, a predicate, or both, than it would not be a complete sentence. Even I, who knew some about this topic already, learned something. I’m not really sure why I chose this topic but it was one of the ones left when I went to get a topic. I also think that this subject sort of relates to me because I love to write stories and I like to know if my sentences are correct.

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Community Service by Franny C.

DA does community service. On 10-17-12, my advisory went gleaning. Gleaning is where you go to a field (with permission of course) and you gather as much of the leftover crop that you can. We were gleaning sweet potatoes. It was really fun. I was partnered with Sylvia and we got over forty bags of potatoes! The bags were a bit hard to open but we managed. Sylvia and I found about four giant potatoes and they weren’t hard to find either. I had so much fun.

In the beginning, the instructor lady got really emotional. She said that we should get at least ten bags each and most of us ended up getting at least higher than fifteen. Some of us even got over one hundred bags! Leaving, I realized how lucky I was to have food every night when some people didn’t even know when their next meal would be! Suddenly, I realized what a big help our community service would be! We are still waiting for the number of pounds of potatoes to come but I know it is alot because each bag weighed about ten pounds- just taking a guess here but I’m pretty sure that is a lot of potatoes! Now, some people might think this is odd, but I am actually looking forward to our next community service!

Photo by Mrs Donnelly