The Westing Game by Alex P.

A brilliant novel, this Newbery Award mystery will keep the reader from putting the book down. Ellen Raskin wrote about 16 heirs living together in the same apartment complex, Sunset Towers, who dared to play the Westing Game. Amongst them there is a murderer, a thief, a bomber, and a mistake. They are invited to the hearing of the will of Samuel W. Westing, a wealthy businessman, chess master, and owner of Westing Paper Products (a very successful company). These sixteen strangers are paired and each group is given confusing clues and a ten-thousand dollar check. Will they be able to win the game before it’s too late? Who will win Westing’s game?

Westing Game By Katie C.

In LA class we read The Westing Game by Ellen Raskin. As a extra credit we could dress up as one of the characters. I chose to dress up as Turtle Wexler. Since in the book  they don’t talk about what Turtle wears, expect that she is a tom boy, I had to guess at what to wear. We had to bring a prop with the costume, so I carried a striped candle, that lit the bombs. Most of the girls who dressed up, dressed up as Turtle Wexler, too. I had fun dressing up.

The Westing Game by Sylvia






Photo by Sylvia

I think The Westing Game  was a really interesting book. Ellen Raskin is a very good author and I’m glad this was one of the books we read. It was a really good idea to use  the Trading Card app on the iPad so it would be easy to find important information when needed.

Like all books, The Westing Game has a good ending. But usually, endings are predictable and The Westing Game’s ending wasn’t. I never would have guessed the ending with all the information and red herrings. It was very clever.


Westing Game By: Ryan






I enjoyed the book a lot and would probably read it again for fun and pay attention to the details. I thought it was clever how Ellen Raskin threw in words right in front of your face that either had different meanings or other ways to look at it. Some of those clues give you the answer immediately if you knew where to look and think more deeply about them.

It was interesting how every character had a different characteristic and in the end those characteristics led to a whole new life for the character. Some of the moody people become very happy and lively, some get fancy jobs. In the end something good happened to all the characters and it was really a happy ending. I wish Ellen Raskin had written a sequel.

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The Westing Game by David P.

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In class, we read a book called The Westing Game. It is not a very long book, but it is so intricately compiled and written that it matches the detail of a book twice its depth and length. It is categorized as a “cozy mystery”, which means that it is set in a small town, with wealth, and there is death with no gore and detail. I enjoyed reading it and finding out the possible solutions to the Westing Game Mystery.

The actual answer is so off track from what I had surmised that I was shocked. It was not a suspenseful or exciting book, but it was interesting all the same. We learned the elements of a mystery in class. They are Family, Information, Games, Patriotism, and Identity. Family plays a part because of the main character, Turtle. She is in a family in which she is not the favored child, but instead, quite the opposite. Information plays a role where some characters try to find out all about the other Westing Heirs. Games play a huge role. Sam Westing was a chess master, and he was famous for the queen’s sacrifice. When someone is playing chess with Theo, Doug finds out who it is, which leads to an important discovery. Patriotism is also very important. Sam Westing was a huge patriot who was famous for his Fourth Of July pageants. This novel is short, but it is amazingly detailed.

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The Westing Game by: Davi

When I first started reading The Westing Game, I thought it was just going to be another mystery, where you know who committed the crime halfway through the book. As my class progressed through the book, I started to realize that The Westing Game was much more complicated than I thought. Ellen Raskin, the author, writes so many clues; some are hidden, and some are put right under your nose, but you don’t notice them. Simple words such as rose (don’t worry, this is not a spoiler) suddenly become blaring clues. It’s amazing how such a simple book can be so complex. The Westing Game may seem like just another mystery book, but I strongly recommend that you read it.

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The Westing Game By Frederick

Our class just finished The Westing Game by Ellen Raskin. First, to me, I didn’t understand lots of the book until the end. It is a very confusing but interesting. She used words together well and the clues and will were amazingly creative and smart. I like how the author wrote the book, but honestly not a favorite. But the experience was fun!


The Westing Game By: Ellie







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Ellen Raskin writes so perfectly, each word where she wants them to be. How she placed the words in the story so thoughtfully is so hard to believe. For example, two of the themes of the book are patriotism and games. These two themes come up so much in the book in subtle ways. Although there isn’t a variety of games in this book the one big game is chess. For example, there are sixteen heirs and sixteen chess pieces on one side of the board. Also, there is a move that applies to the game that Sam Westing always does in chess called The Queen’s Sacrifice. Patriotism comes up a lot especially about 4th of July like when the tenants to-be recieved their note about Sunset Towers.

The last thing I would say is don’t fall for everything each character says and thinks and how they act, and don’t rule out ANY possibilities.


The Westing Game By Nathan G.

Our latest project in Donnelly Language Arts was a book called “The Westing Game”. I had already read the book and didn’t really enjoy it so I was not excited to read it again. Part of the reason I didn’t like it was that it was so confusing and hard to keep up with all the characters. There are over 25 characters and in order to understand the book you need to know well!
I was very shocked to find that I actually enjoyed the book on the second time around! The book is so complicated that even though you know what happens in the end you never stop finding all these little hints and clues. For instance, there are 16 heirs in the book and that’s how many pieces one side has in chess! This is something that is very neat because the main character who dies loves chess.
Another thing that really helps in understanding the whole book more was using an app called Trading Cards. Using the information given in the book we made drawings of the character and filled out details and facts about each character in the form of a trading card. It was hard work to make 26 of them but it payed off in the end! Also, we went over “mystery” vocabulary words that helped with this cozy mystery. So now I would recommend this book where as before I would not!!