Talk To Your Teen by Michiko


In the book Cosmic, Liam is reading a book called Talk To Your Teen. Here are some things I think should be in the book.

Do you want your teen to be happier? Here is some advice. Give them a time when they have to be in bed. They don’t have to go to sleep yet. Let them read and then later go in and make sure they are asleep.

Don’t let them have too much junk food. Make sure that they have something healthy too.

Don’t constantly check your teen’s texts or emails. If you think that there is a reason that you need to cheek then check.

Having a TV in your teen’s room is ok, just limit the time they can watch in their room. Phones and computers are also ok for your teen to have but they hate it if there are parental controls so don’t get them one if you are just going to put parental controls on everything. Phones give your teen a way to communicate with their friends easier and if they missed school that is a helpful way for them to get their missed work so getting a phone for your teen is not a bad idea. Phones should be limited, no texting at meals, don’t be afraid to take your phone away.

Sometimes talking to your teen can be helpful but your teen needs some freedom, so let them leave the house, but give them a time to be home if there is something the next day like school. If you follow this advice your teen will listen to you more and give you more respect.

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If I Were A Grown Up by Michiko








Created by Michiko

If I were a grown up for a few days I would get in my new car and drive to the mall to meet my friends. We would shop at all of our favorite stores but then I would have to leave. I would get home and feed my dog and then start to pack. I would pack all of the things I bought earlier and then I would start packing my dogs things. Finally, I put my dog in the car as well as my luggage. I would drive to the airport and put my dog on a flight for dogs to Hawaii. I would get through security and then I would start getting things for the flight. I would get on the plane and after a while the plane landed. I would go get my dog and check into my hotel. Then we would go to the beach. My dog would run around through the water. I would spend one more day there before I had to fly back. When I got home I would go to sleep and think about my time being an adult because when I would wake up again I would be a kid.

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Twilight Book Review by Michiko

In class I am reading Twilight by Stephenie Meyer. It is a really good book. I picked it because it was one of the few books on my bookshelf that I have not read. I did not expect it to be as interesting as it is. There are many suspenseful moments as well as nice moments. I have really enjoyed the book. The author uses many vocabulary words that make her book more interesting. Also, the author is descriptive to make it easier to understand the story. I have not finished the book yet but so far the book is very good. I can’t wait to read the next one!

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The Search For Home by Michiko

The Search For Home

By Michiko

There once were four animals: a small puppy, a hippo, a elephant, and a panda bear. They were all lost in the woods. The small puppy was trying to find home. Because the puppy was so small it was slower and knew less than the others. The hippo decided that they were going so slow that they would never find home. He decided that if he went by himself that things would go much faster and that he would have a better chance of finding home so he called them useless and left.

The hippo started to run, determined to find his home before the others. He continued to run. Head sweating, paws hurting, the tired hippo ran on. Meanwhile, the others continued walking at their slow pace. One day the hippo came across a stream. He was so thirsty that he stopped for a drink. He leaned down to take a drink and he fell in. The hippo was so tired that he could not swim! He started to yell for help.

The others heard a faint sound but they did not think much about it, they thought it was just little animals having fun. Excited that they thought they had finally found home, they hurried, thinking how much their families must have missed them.

Finally, they came across a the stream. They saw the poor hippo and ran up to help him. The elephant’s trunk could not reach the hippo! The panda bear climbed onto the elephant’s trunk but it was still not long enough. Finally, the smallest puppy climbed on but the hippo exclaimed, “It’s useless, the puppy will never be able to save me!” Paws stretching, arms grabbing, the puppy could not reach the hippo. The puppy yelled for the elephant to get a stick. Once the puppy had a stick he saved the hippo. The hippo told the animals that they are much more useful than he said and he apologized so they continued together to look for home.

Wisdom Tales Comic by Michiko








In class we made a comic based on one of our wisdom tales. I chose a tale called Old Dog And Coyote. It is about an old watch dog who was sleeping while a coyote chased the farmer’s chickens. The dog went to find his own food and he found the coyote. He helped the coyote and the coyote helped the dog get the farmers trust back. I chose to do my pictures on Sketchbook Express on my iPad. For me, getting the pictures on to the computer was hard. I emailed them to myself but it continued to freeze. After I got the pictures on to the computer it was easy. I really liked doing a project on comic life and I hope I get to do it again.

Open Note Wisdom Tales Test by Michiko

Today in class we had an open note test on Wisdom Tales. To prepare for the test I highlighted the important things in our wisdom tales notes and I made my Mindmister map easier to understand. I like taking open note tests because I study and then when it comes time for the test I feel reassured because if I forget something I have my notes to go to. I think you still learn as much because writing or typing things makes them stay in your head more than just hearing it. After taking the test next time I would reread more of the wisdom tales before I took the test.

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I Am Thankful For… By Michiko







I am thankful for my family. I am thankful for my dad because he drives me to sports practices and to school. I am also thankful for my mom because she picks me up from school, makes me dinner, and teaches me piano. And I am thankful for my brother because he encourages me when I have a sports game. My cousins make me feel happy if I am sad and my aunt and uncle do too. My grandparents always help me if I need something, they are always there for me. My family helps me in many ways and I am very thankful for it.

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Evernote by Michiko








Image created by Michiko

Evernote is an app that you can save things in, share things with other people, and do many other things. You should try to save as many things as possible in Evernote because if something happens to your data, you have it saved on Evernote. You can also access you Evernote account from a computer. All of my data in other apps on my iPad was deleted but I was able to keep the things that were in Evernote. If you use Skitch and have Evernote too it is a good idea to let Skitch make a new notebook in Evernote for your drawings or other things so that if anything ever happens you still have all of your important stuff.

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When To Start A New Paragraph by Michiko

When I first started this project I had no idea when to start a new paragraph but now I feel totally confident knowing what to do. There are a few basic rules to know when to start a new paragraph. First of all you should start a new paragraph for each idea. You should start a new paragraph when you are changing to a new time or place. Also you should start a new paragraph each time someone different starts talking even if it is the same conversation. Making a new paragraphs in your writing makes it look neater, easier to read, and easier to understand.

When to start a new paragraph title slide

Voice Cards by Michiko

Voice Cards

Photo from Mrs. Donnelly

 I use Voice Cards to study every week. It works for vocabulary and even French. I just put the word and the definition in and then record myself saying the word. Once I do that for all of my words I save it and then start studying. There are many modes on Voice Cards. I can shuffle the words, change the mode to question only, answer only, or both, and I can just shake it to make it go to the next word. After I have studied for a while, thanks to Voice Cards, I are ready for your quiz.