How To Talk To Your Teen by Michael J

Photo by Michael J.

In the book Cosmic, Liam is reading How To Talk To Your Teen for advice on parenting. Here is something I would add.

You need to limit screen time with kids and teens. Watching too much TV and playing video games for too long can affect their health and put strain on their eyes. Also, make sure they have done important things before screen time, like homework. You should give them a certain amount of time for watching TV and playing video games.

If your child says there isn’t anything to do besides watching TV and playing video games, suggest they go outside to play basketball, or if you have a dog they could go on a walk. Another thing is you could get them something to do with a friend like a ping pong table or foosball table. It may cost some money but everyone will be happy. Your child will enjoy it and you will be happy they aren’t watching TV all day. Offer to take your child  somewhere fun like going bowling. And ask your child if they would like to hang out with friends more often so they interact more instead of doing nothing all day.

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Scorpia Book Review by Michael J







At home I just finished reading Scorpia. It is part of the Alex Rider series and is the fifth of nine books. The series is by Anthony Horowitz. I like this book because it is entertaining, it has exciting action and it is very interesting.

The series is about a fourteen year old boy named Alex Rider. His parents are dead and Alex didnt know anything about them. In the beginning of the series Alex’s uncle dies. At his uncles funeral he figures out that his uncle wasn’t actually a banker but a MI6 agent (British secret intelligence). He also realized that his uncle had been training him all his life to be an agent. Alex continues to go on different missions all over the world, sometimes for MI6, sometimes by himself. In Scorpia he is told to go to Venice and find a group called Scorpia and learn what his father did and who he was. He finds out the truth and it is very shocking. This is a very interesting book.

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If I Were An Adult for a Day by Michael J

If I were an adult I would start by waking up and having a private butler give me a meal. I would then go drive in a bright red Ferrari around the city and then have my friend drive while a ride on the roof. I would go to a LA on a private jet and go to a Clippers game, walk onto the court sink a half court shot and walk off. Then go hang out with Derrick Rose because he is still recovering from his injury. Play pickup ball with him on the rooftop court on my house and beat uncle drew. Then go back to my house and go swimming. The next day I would go to the NBA all star gam, get mentioned in the pregame speech. Those are all of the things I would do if I was a grown up, but I like being a kid.

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The Follower Ferret by Michael J

There once was a ferret living in the grasslands. His name was Jerry. He always followed another group of ferrets. He followed them everywhere they went. One day when the ferrets were trying to go hunting Jerry followed them and scared away their food. That made the group of ferrets really mad. The group of ferrets didn’t like Jerry because he always followed them around, so they decided to get rid of him. The leader of the group, Rohandro had a plan.

One day the group of ferrets decided to go into a tree hole knowing Jerry would follow. The ferrets were all too big to fit in the hole. So when they got to the hole, the group of ferrets told Jerry to go first into the hole. Jerry wasn’t very smart and wanted to be a part of the group so he went in. He got in but he couldn’t get out. Jerry thought the group of ferrets would come back to help him but they didn’t. The group of ferrets left and were thankful that they never saw him again.

Moral:  Don’t always follow the group.

Comic Life By Michael J











In La, we made a comic for some of the wisdom tales that we read. We could pick any wisdom tale. I chose The Boatman from the Middle East. It was fun to draw our own pictures and design a comic. People used Skitch and Sketchbook Express to draw. I used Skitch. In class we had to write a summary and find out what the moral was for every story. We had stories from all over the world. I really liked making the comic.


Jack Taylor by Michael J







On Tuesday, November 20, Jack Taylor dropped a new record amount of points; with 138! Taylor is a player for Grinnell, a division III team in Iowa. Bevo Francis of Rio Grande had the NCAA scoring record with 113 points 1954. In 1953, he also had 116 in a different game. Frank Selvy was the first to reach triple figures with 100 in 1954. The thing is Taylor is only 5 foot 10 and weighs 170 pounds. In the game he was 52-108 for field goals, 27-71 for 3-pointers, and 7-10 for free throws, an undersized basketball player. He broke the previous Grinnell record of  89. He had three rebounds, three steals and no assists. Grinnell went on to win 179 to 104 over Faith Baptist, but the surprising the thing was David Larson of Faith Baptist scored 70 points. In the NBA, the most points scored in a game was 100 by Wilt Chamberlan. Taylor got a little bit of a bad rap because Hepplewhite were saying he was a ball hog, but he said that his teammates were trying to get him the ball because they knew he had a chance at the record.

I Am Thankful For…. by Michael J





I am thankful of my family. My family is very important to me. They support me with everything, help me with anything I need, and work hard for me to be the best that I can. They care about me a lot. My parents are very smart and help me accomplish things and put in time for me. My sister is very nice and helps me with school and other things. I love my family and they are the most important thing to me.

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Baseball Tournament by Michael J






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This weekend my baseball team played in our last tournament of the season. We are called the East Chatham Diamond Dawgs. This tournament was called the Winter World Series. The tournament was directed by USSSA. In our first game we won 9-1 against the GBI Express. Our game ended at 10:30 on Friday night. I played shortstop and batted third. In our next game at 11:00 on Saturday morning we played a team called the Carolina Spartans and won 13-2. I hit a double, home run and single and my team hit 3 home runs. Next we played the Capital City Braves. They are a good team. We lost 12-4 and I walked twice. We got the #5 seed and played the Triad Thunder, who were the #4 seed. I pitched four innings and hit a single, two home runs and got walked once. We won 24-5. Our last game was against the Carolina Havoc who are the best in the state. We lost 9-1 in that game. Even so this has been a very good season for me and our team. We hit 19 home runs, and our record was 19-8. I am looking forward to playing baseball next year.


Community Service by Michael J

Photo by Mrs. Donnelly

Yesterday we spent the day doing community service. My group went pick sweet potatoes through the Society of St. Andrew. We picked the sweet potatoes from the dirt, put them in bags, and put the bags in a truck. We were picking them for people who don’t have enough money to buy food. It is called gleaning. It felt good to know we were helping people who weren’t as fortunate as us. My group picked 110 bags and each bag held about ten pounds of potatoes, so overall my group picked about 1,100 pounds of potatoes. Everyone worked really hard and helped out picking potatoes.

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