Talk To Your Teen by Katie C.

Photo taken by Katie of Katie’s iPod.

We are reading the book Cosmic. In the cosmic Liam is reading a book called Talk To Your Teen to help he act more like a grown up. This is what I would add to the book.

Most teens what phones or their own computer. If you feel your teen is ready for a phone, talk to them and get them one that they like, but don’t overdo it. Reasons to get your teen a phone are if they do sports or if they stay at home a lot. Another reason is if they always need to contact you or tell you they are ready to leave, but if you do not think they are ready for a phone get them a cheap, easy to replace phone. Do not let your teen text all of the time. At diner take their phone so they will not text. Do not be afraid of taking your teen’s phone.

Laptop, iPads, or computes are important for school and work. If your teen uses a computer for homework all of the time then maybe you can get them their own computer and make sure you have plenty of computers for them to use. If they have their own computer don’t let them spend all of their time on the computer. If they do, then take away the computers or iPads so they can meet with real friends and do sports. Your teen might be mad at you for taking their computer, but you need to let them know the computer is for school. Always do what you think is best for your teen.

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If I Was a Grown-up For a Day by Katie C.


One day I woke up and found that I was a grown-up. After breakfast I went went to North Carolina. I went to all the animal shelters in North Carolina and played with the animals because I love pets. I donated $100,000,000,000 to the shelter. What to do next, I thought?

I went to a coffee shop and got a cup of hot chocolate. As I was wandering down the street I saw an orphanage. I went to the nearest store and bought a lot of food and clothes. I walked through the doors to the orphanage and gave the people there all the things I bought and then I played with the kids. When I had to go it was lunch time. I went to one of my favorite restaurants and ordered some food. When I was eating I thought about what to do next.

After lunch, I went back to an animal shelter and bought two puppies. I took them back to my to my house in Lille, France. Then I picked up my friends in my private jet and went to Paris for a shopping spree. After that we went to Hawaii and Italy. After that I bought a home in Hawaii. Then I moved my puppies, Cinnamon and Ginger, to my new home. Then I had dinner at a Hawaiian restaurant. Before bed I went night swimming and swam until it was late. In bed that night I looked at my puppies and smiled. I love being a grown-up.

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Maximum Ride Katie





Photo by Katie

I am reading the Maximum Ride series by James Patterson. The series is really good and very exciting. Two of my friends were reading the series and loved them. They wanted me to read the series too. I started the series and loved each book. There are about six books in the series, but another one is coming out. I love the books because there is almost always action or something exciting happening. I love the series and cannot wait to read the rest.

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The Forest of Peace by Katie C.

This picture is made by Katie C.

Moral-Be Kind to all and friends are better then enemies

Once there was a big forest where all the animals lived in peace. The animals called the forest The Forest of Peace. They would play with each other and no one was mean to another. In the forest there was a puppy named Amanda. She had dark brown and snow white fur. Amanda lived in the forest with her family. Amanda was the most popular animal in the forest. She was the kindest puppy in the world and everyone liked her.

One day a fox family came to live in the forest. The family had a daughter named Jess. Amanda and her sister, Anne, were playing in a field by her house. Amanda and Anne played in the field when their best friends were away. Jess came to the field one day. Jess had soft, red and brown fur. Her eyes were mean and narrow. Jess looked sinewy and strong. She said, “The field is mine and you two have to leave the field.” When the sisters would not leave Jess growled at them and attacked them. Amanda and Anne were scared of Jess and left.

The sisters found a stream to play in. “The stream is not as good as the field, but it is fine,” said Anne. Amanda looked at the stream and frowned.

“There is no grass or clover patches and we don’t know how to swim,” Amanda pointed out.” Then we will learn,” replied Amanda. The sisters learn to swim, but it was still not the same as the field.

The sisters’ best friends came back. Anne’s best friends are two deer, Jane and Jade. Amanda’s best friends are a squirrel, Elle, and a cat, Kathleen. Anne and Amanda explained why they were not at the field. Elle and Jade said we will not let someone be mean to us like that. All the animals agreed.

Anne and Amanda went back to the field and told Jess you do not own the field. Jess was about to attack when Anne said that we will forgive you and we can be friends if you stop being mean to all the animals.

“Sorry, I acted so mean. At my old home no one was nice to me and no one liked me. I guess I thought the only way was to fight for what I want,” explained Jess. All the animals became friends and everything became normal again. Jess learned a very important lesson, be kind to all and friends are better the enemies.

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The Smuggler Comic By Katie C.






The Picture was made By Katie

In my class we picked at Wisdom Tale and made a comic telling the story. I chose The Smuggler as my comic. I chose The Smuggler because it was a funny story and it was one of my favorites. When we started the project we first chose a theme for the comic and then we drew pictures for the comic we chose. I chose to draw my pictures in Skitch. I chose to use Skitch because I can draw on an iPad and then pull up the picture on the computer without emailing them. Next we added dialogue and checked it to make sure it was correct . The project was really fun and I liked it lot.

Open Note Test By Katie C.

This photo is taken by Katie.

I like the open note test because you learn a lot and you do not have to study as much. You still do have to study, but not as much. To study I created I study guide on Mindmeister. I expected to the test to by very easy, but when I took then test it was harder then I expected. I like having the notes on the iPad because you could search for words and find the one you’re looking for faster. Using the iPad was great for the test because you can just scroll down and not flip pages to find information. I liked taking an open note test.

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I’m Thankful For… By Katie

This drawing was made by Katie C.

I am thankful for a lot of things. One of things is all my friends and family because they are always there to help me. My mom always pushes me to do my best, my dad makes the money for all the activities I do, my sister plays with me and shares her stuff with me, and last my dog, he makes me happy when I am sad. My friends make me laugh and they make school more fun. My friends and I always work together and help each other. I am very glad that I have a family that loves me and friends that help me. I am very thankful for my family and friends.

Brain Pop by Katie C.

Photo was taken by Katie C.

Brain Pop is a great place to go to learn. It has videos on a ton of things. Like videos that have to do with math, science, history and other topics. You can get an account on Brain pop and get lots of videos. Even if you don’t have an account, Brain Pop has free videos you can watch. With every video you watch you can take a quiz and see how much you learned. It could help you study for a test or quiz by watching the video that has to do with the topic of the quiz or test and then taking the quiz. Also it is fun to just go to Brain Pop and watch the daily videos. Brain Pop is a great way to learn and the videos are very interesting. I love Brain Pop.

First, Second, and Third Person by Katie C

 This picture was made by Katie C.

You can use either first, second, or third person in a sentence. An example for first person is we. One for second person is you and one for third person is they. First, second and third person is an importante part of the sentence. It could be confusing if you use the first person instead of second or third person. One example is Hi, How are I? The correct way is Hi, how are you? That is the difference between first, second, and third person.

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Dogs By Katie

Dogs are sweet animals. Dogs live for about ten to thirteen years (one dog year is seven human years). There are many types of dogs. Dogs take a lot of care. You need to make sure you feed the dog and take them on walks. They make great pets for families with little or older kids. You can have a small dog or a big dog.  I have a dog. I got him when I was about five or six years old. He is always there for me and I love him. He is fun to play with. Dogs make the best pets.