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In the book Cosmic, Liam is the main character reading a book called, Talk To Your Teen. This is a book giving advice to parents about their teenage daughters or sons.

Some advice that I would give to parents about teenagers is listening. An example is if your teenager is in a situation and trying to explain something to you, listen to them and don’t keep fighting back. Let them explain their part of the story and then you explain yours.

You might really want to listen to them because you could’ve underestimated them and thought that they did something bad, but it really wasn’t them, and you would know that it wasn’t them if you listen and just let them get out what they are trying to say. And you (being the parent) stop trying to fight back and not give them any time to talk when they could have a better story than you.

That is all my advice on listening to your teen, and I hope you take this advice because it will really help!

Talk To Your Teen by Michiko


In the book Cosmic, Liam is reading a book called Talk To Your Teen. Here are some things I think should be in the book.

Do you want your teen to be happier? Here is some advice. Give them a time when they have to be in bed. They don’t have to go to sleep yet. Let them read and then later go in and make sure they are asleep.

Don’t let them have too much junk food. Make sure that they have something healthy too.

Don’t constantly check your teen’s texts or emails. If you think that there is a reason that you need to cheek then check.

Having a TV in your teen’s room is ok, just limit the time they can watch in their room. Phones and computers are also ok for your teen to have but they hate it if there are parental controls so don’t get them one if you are just going to put parental controls on everything. Phones give your teen a way to communicate with their friends easier and if they missed school that is a helpful way for them to get their missed work so getting a phone for your teen is not a bad idea. Phones should be limited, no texting at meals, don’t be afraid to take your phone away.

Sometimes talking to your teen can be helpful but your teen needs some freedom, so let them leave the house, but give them a time to be home if there is something the next day like school. If you follow this advice your teen will listen to you more and give you more respect.

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Talk to Your Teen by Grace

In the book Cosmic, Liam is reading a book called Talk to Your Teen. Here are some examples that I think should be in the book:

Do you want to know what you are doing wrong? Here is some advice. Give your teen a way to contact his or her friends, they need to be able to text or email. Checking your teen’s text messages, they get really mad at you for that and might think that you don’t trust them. Putting parental controls on their computer, they hate that, it blocks sites that aren’t even bad. Making them go to bed too early, never make your teen go to bed before 9:30 on a school night, and on weekends they should be able to stay up to at least midnight. Putting a T.V. in your teen’s room, that is a great reward for your teen, if you are afraid that your teen will stay up all night watching it, it is their fault, they will be the ones that are tired. Food, never let them have too much junk food or sweets, one sweet a day is a great amount. Don’t control you teen’s life, if they get out of control, then you can step in. If you follow this you and your teen will be much happier.

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How To Talk To Your Teen by Keenan W.









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In the book Cosmic, Liam is reading the book How To Talk To Your Teen to get parenting advice. Here is something I would would add to the book.

You need to be strict about your teen’s curfew. If you don’t set a curfew, they will believe that they can stay up as long as the want, so they will not get sleep. If they argue with you about the curfew, then you can take something away from them.You can let them stay up longer on a weekend or holiday, but on a school night they need to go to bed at about the same time every night. If you want to do this, you will have to have some sort of schedule. For example, you want to eat dinner at about the same time every night so they can get to bed earlier. Also, don’t set the curfew too late, because than there is almost no point in making one. If your teen doesn’t get sleep, they might start doing worse in school or not pay attention like they are supposed to. Now you are an expert on how to set a curfew for you teen and why you should set one.

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Talk To Your Teen By: Lucy W.

Photo by Lucy

Here are some suggestions for the book Cosmic for teens and their parents. Hope you enjoy!

Don’t give your child too many limits or they will not enjoy themselves. One example is not letting them watch TV for more than thirty minutes.

You do need your child to do some chores to show them responsibility and give them some allowance for what they did.

Don’t let your teen talk you into something that’s wrong, like letting them stay two hours past their curfew. If you do not know where your teen is going, you need to find out because they could be going somewhere dangerous.If your teen is a girl, she usually wants to go shopping. Do not let her buy all the clothes because your teen needs to learn to pay on her own.

A TV in your room varies from parent to parent, but if you do let your teen have a TV in her room, make sure she has limited with it and doesn’t take advantage of what she/he has.

Finally, do not let your teen eat too much junk food. They could become overweight and irresponsible with food.

These are some tips for your teens.

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Talk To Your Teen by Katie C.

Photo taken by Katie of Katie’s iPod.

We are reading the book Cosmic. In the cosmic Liam is reading a book called Talk To Your Teen to help he act more like a grown up. This is what I would add to the book.

Most teens what phones or their own computer. If you feel your teen is ready for a phone, talk to them and get them one that they like, but don’t overdo it. Reasons to get your teen a phone are if they do sports or if they stay at home a lot. Another reason is if they always need to contact you or tell you they are ready to leave, but if you do not think they are ready for a phone get them a cheap, easy to replace phone. Do not let your teen text all of the time. At diner take their phone so they will not text. Do not be afraid of taking your teen’s phone.

Laptop, iPads, or computes are important for school and work. If your teen uses a computer for homework all of the time then maybe you can get them their own computer and make sure you have plenty of computers for them to use. If they have their own computer don’t let them spend all of their time on the computer. If they do, then take away the computers or iPads so they can meet with real friends and do sports. Your teen might be mad at you for taking their computer, but you need to let them know the computer is for school. Always do what you think is best for your teen.

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Talk To Your Teen by Kira S







In the book Cosmic, the main character, Liam, is reading a book called Talk To Your Teen. Talk To Your Teen gives you advice about how to handle situations with your teen. Here is my idea I would add to the book.

If you feel like your teen doesn’t come to you for advice or help, that might mean that they don’t feel comfortable talking to you or they know that you don’t listen to them. A simple but good way to let your teen know that you’re there for them is listening to what their problem is and think about how to help them. When they are being open with you, the last thing they want to hear is their idea being shot down or you not accepting the concept that they are proposing. Another way you can understand your teen is to try to put yourself in the situation they are in, then try to help them out by giving advice that you would want to hear. Once they feel like they can come to you with an open mind and they know that you will listen to everything that they tell you, they will most definitely come to you. What I am am saying is try listening for a change!

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How To Talk To Your Teen by Michael J

Photo by Michael J.

In the book Cosmic, Liam is reading How To Talk To Your Teen for advice on parenting. Here is something I would add.

You need to limit screen time with kids and teens. Watching too much TV and playing video games for too long can affect their health and put strain on their eyes. Also, make sure they have done important things before screen time, like homework. You should give them a certain amount of time for watching TV and playing video games.

If your child says there isn’t anything to do besides watching TV and playing video games, suggest they go outside to play basketball, or if you have a dog they could go on a walk. Another thing is you could get them something to do with a friend like a ping pong table or foosball table. It may cost some money but everyone will be happy. Your child will enjoy it and you will be happy they aren’t watching TV all day. Offer to take your child  somewhere fun like going bowling. And ask your child if they would like to hang out with friends more often so they interact more instead of doing nothing all day.

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Talk To Your Teen by Noah







In the book Cosmic, Liam is reading a book called Talk To Your Teen to learn to be more dad like. If I were the author of this book, then one piece of advice I might give to an adult would be having your kids learn time management skills. Have your kid plan a rough schedule based on his/her homework or extra curricular activities. This is a good idea because I myself find that sometimes I do something too long and I have to squeeze a lot of things into a small period of time. Time management really helps you be efficient and organized in thinking. I believe that this skill helps you through many things in life, and you should learn it early.

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How To Talk To Your Teen: Screen Time by Charlie E.

In the book Cosmic By Frank Boyce, the main character, Liam, has to be a dad. His dad had a Book called “Talk to your Teen.”  I have idea that I think should be added to the book:

Does your child love computers? You should set ground rules that bar them from spending their whole day on a device. Depending on age, a child under 10 should not spend over 3 hours in a row on a device. Convince them to go outside and play, or maybe walk the dog. The graph for age to time limit on a device is written down below:

5-6= 30 minutes, 7-8= 1 hours, 9-10=2 Hours, 11-12= under 4 hours, 12-13= 3 hours, 14 and above= check in every 2 hours to see if still on computer. (After movies, for any aged child, get them to read or play for a at least an hour.)

I hope this addition will help with computers in the future.