Lady Or The Tiger by Michael J

The Lady Or The Tiger

In awe, I stood before the door on the right. I lifted my hand to grab the right door handle. I began to wonder what the princess would want for me. There seemed to be a coldness in her face when she pointed to the right door. I decided to block that out, and hope for the best.

Behind the left door, the maiden waited for the door to open and have handsome me for herself. The maiden resented the princess which is why she was excited to steal her lover away. The maiden knew the princess wouldn’t be able to handle watching me die. So she would tell me to open the left door. The maiden knew all of this.

I decided to listen to the princess. I opened the right door and stopped with shivers rushing through my veins. I stood motionless in front of the tiger, eyes wide. Why had the princess told me to open this door? I tried to run but the tiger was much faster than me, and soon the tiger had me in its mouth and bit in. Blood rushed from my chest, and I expected the worst but strangely the tiger didn’t approach. It actually just walked away. I knew I would die by either the tiger coming back to finish me off, or losing too much blood. Nevertheless, I tried to hang on to my life. I was missing part of my left arm and was bleeding to death. I then understood why the princess had pointed to that door. There is no point in living if you feel incomplete. I allowed myself to smile for the last time, and slowly closed my eyes.


How to Talk to Your Teen By: Michael S


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In the book Cosmic, which we are reading in class, Liam, the main character, is reading a book titled: Talk to Your Teen. Here is some advice I would include:

Make your children do a couple of chores a day.

Make sure they are doing their homework before watching TV.

Always have one kind of vegetable/fruit on the plate for lunch and dinner.

Allowance should be given to your children who do their chores.

If they talk back to you or say bad words they should be punished.

Make sure they have fun and don’t argue with each other.


Scorpia Book Review by Michael J







At home I just finished reading Scorpia. It is part of the Alex Rider series and is the fifth of nine books. The series is by Anthony Horowitz. I like this book because it is entertaining, it has exciting action and it is very interesting.

The series is about a fourteen year old boy named Alex Rider. His parents are dead and Alex didnt know anything about them. In the beginning of the series Alex’s uncle dies. At his uncles funeral he figures out that his uncle wasn’t actually a banker but a MI6 agent (British secret intelligence). He also realized that his uncle had been training him all his life to be an agent. Alex continues to go on different missions all over the world, sometimes for MI6, sometimes by himself. In Scorpia he is told to go to Venice and find a group called Scorpia and learn what his father did and who he was. He finds out the truth and it is very shocking. This is a very interesting book.

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If I Were An Adult for a Day by Michael J

If I were an adult I would start by waking up and having a private butler give me a meal. I would then go drive in a bright red Ferrari around the city and then have my friend drive while a ride on the roof. I would go to a LA on a private jet and go to a Clippers game, walk onto the court sink a half court shot and walk off. Then go hang out with Derrick Rose because he is still recovering from his injury. Play pickup ball with him on the rooftop court on my house and beat uncle drew. Then go back to my house and go swimming. The next day I would go to the NBA all star gam, get mentioned in the pregame speech. Those are all of the things I would do if I was a grown up, but I like being a kid.

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What I Am Reading… By Michael S








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I have been reading a lot of books recently but on book that is one of my favorites is Travel Team by Mike Lupica. My friends have been telling me to read this because they loved it so much. It was in a book talk last year but I never thought about reading it until this year.

It is about a boy named Danny who loves basketball. His dad loves basketball too but he is never around him and his mother. Danny tries out for the famous travel team that his dad lead to a national championship when he was older, but Danny is cut from the team. Danny and his Dad show that they can make a team with other kids with a great attitude and they can show their hearts simply cannot be measured.

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The Follower Ferret by Michael J

There once was a ferret living in the grasslands. His name was Jerry. He always followed another group of ferrets. He followed them everywhere they went. One day when the ferrets were trying to go hunting Jerry followed them and scared away their food. That made the group of ferrets really mad. The group of ferrets didn’t like Jerry because he always followed them around, so they decided to get rid of him. The leader of the group, Rohandro had a plan.

One day the group of ferrets decided to go into a tree hole knowing Jerry would follow. The ferrets were all too big to fit in the hole. So when they got to the hole, the group of ferrets told Jerry to go first into the hole. Jerry wasn’t very smart and wanted to be a part of the group so he went in. He got in but he couldn’t get out. Jerry thought the group of ferrets would come back to help him but they didn’t. The group of ferrets left and were thankful that they never saw him again.

Moral:  Don’t always follow the group.

Wisdom Tales By: Michael S



There once was a monkey named Sin Jin was so good at monkey ball. He thought he was the best there is. He always scored a minimum of 20 monkey points a game. One day he scored 40 monkey points in a game. He told everyone in the monkey village. Some people would say great job and some would say why are you so full of yourself Sin Jin. He said he was just so good at monkey ball.

Monkey ball was just like basketball but called monkey ball. One day a man and his monkey ball team came up to Sin Jin, the best in the town, and his team. Sin Jin was bragging to the man about how he was so good at monkey ball. After he heard Sin Jin bragging, the man challenged him to a monkey ball game. Sin Jin was so ready for some competition. They were going to play in front of the whole town and they were off.

It was a tough game until Sin Jin’s team got tired and was weak and the other team pulled away. Sin Jin’s team lost and he never loses. He blamed it on his team. They said why do you have to be so full of yourself?

Sin Jin went home and thought about what happened. He apologized to his team and everyone. He told them that he he would not be so full of himself and the town lived happy forever.

The moral: don’t be so full of yourself.

Comic Life By Michael J











In La, we made a comic for some of the wisdom tales that we read. We could pick any wisdom tale. I chose The Boatman from the Middle East. It was fun to draw our own pictures and design a comic. People used Skitch and Sketchbook Express to draw. I used Skitch. In class we had to write a summary and find out what the moral was for every story. We had stories from all over the world. I really liked making the comic.


Open Note Test by Michael J

Photo taken by Mrs. D

Yesterday we took an open note test on wisdom tales. I like taking open notes because you have to think but aren’t as stressed by having to memorize terms. The advantage to using iPads was that they have better visuals like the MindMeister mind map because it was color coded and had branches. I think I did well on it and I hope I got a good grade. I think this was a good test and I like taking open note tests.

Jack Taylor by Michael J







On Tuesday, November 20, Jack Taylor dropped a new record amount of points; with 138! Taylor is a player for Grinnell, a division III team in Iowa. Bevo Francis of Rio Grande had the NCAA scoring record with 113 points 1954. In 1953, he also had 116 in a different game. Frank Selvy was the first to reach triple figures with 100 in 1954. The thing is Taylor is only 5 foot 10 and weighs 170 pounds. In the game he was 52-108 for field goals, 27-71 for 3-pointers, and 7-10 for free throws, an undersized basketball player. He broke the previous Grinnell record of  89. He had three rebounds, three steals and no assists. Grinnell went on to win 179 to 104 over Faith Baptist, but the surprising the thing was David Larson of Faith Baptist scored 70 points. In the NBA, the most points scored in a game was 100 by Wilt Chamberlan. Taylor got a little bit of a bad rap because Hepplewhite were saying he was a ball hog, but he said that his teammates were trying to get him the ball because they knew he had a chance at the record.