The First Memory by Dylan J.

Photo by Flickr Storm

We are currently reading the book The Giver in which there is Jonas who is the new Receiver who all the old memories are given to. The Old Receiver or the Giver gives memories to Jonas. If I were the Giver the first memory I would have given to Jonas would have been love and family so that when I started to give Jonas the hard memories he would remember the strongest good things, love and family.


The Perfect Teacher by Jack H

If I had ” the perfect ” teacher we would learn stuff that we wanted to learn in a fun and active way. A good teacher does not mean no test or no quiz it means that the teacher would be nice and there would not be as many restrictions like in other classes. There would also be no homework on Mondays, Tuesdays and on the weekend. The teacher would help you if you did not know something. They would know how you learn the best. I think a good teacher should mix things like sometimes using technology and sometimes using pen and paper. That’s what I think the perfect teacher should be like.


My Ideal Teacher by Lana K.

lana ideal





If I were to give advice to a teacher this would be it: be the teacher that everyone hopes they get. For example, in my opinion, teachers should be firm, fun, and flattering.

For the firm part, teachers shouldn’t be so submissive that they would let someone get away with murder, but not so strict that a student would get in trouble for going to the bathroom without permission.

For the fun part, teachers should surprise their students once in a while. For example, my second grade teacher, every month or so after assembly, would have “the magic unicorn” visit our classroom. It would sprinkle glitter everywhere and leave a note. It would let us use our imaginations to become more creative people and allow us to have a great time in the midst of our school day.

For the flattering part, teachers should give credit to their students for doing something un-ordinarily good. That’s a reason why I like the ODA Service Awards given to students at DA Middle School that went up and beyond with their service to classmates and the community in general, nominated by teachers. In my opinion, the awards show the good side of people that you wouldn’t expect to help out.


The Ideal Teacher by: Lucy W.


Photo by Me

In Language Arts class we are reading the book “The Giver.” In “The Giver” their is an ideal society, everything is perfect, no choices, and everything is the same. An ideal teacher would be kind. He or she would not be too strict and let us play some games in class from time to time. The ideal teacher would rarely give any homework, I would hope, and they would not clutter us with to many projects. The ideal teacher would be organized, she would have all of our tests, homework, and projects grades all ready to be handed back. The ideal teacher would give us some extra credit, so we could raise a bad grade or let us have some candy from time to time. Also, the ideal teacher would give us some homework passes, of course we would have to earn them, but on a busy night it would be nice to use a pass so we wouldn’t get in trouble. The ideal teacher would also be fair, and nice. That is the key to a teacher, if they are very nice to you you don’t feel like you did something wrong, but if a teacher is mean to you it puts you down and makes you sad. These are just some of my ideas about the ideal teacher. In your opinion what would you think an ideal teacher would be like?


The Perfect Teacher by Dylan J.


Photo taken by Dylan J.

In my Language Arts class we are reading a book called The Giver in which it is called a perfect society. In this post the point is to describe what a perfect teacher is. In my opinion the perfect teacher is nice, patient, strict, never is very mean, and likes to be involved in what her students are involved in. One of my teachers in first grade had all of these qualities and was always smiling and talking with us about what was going on in our life. I also think a teacher an be nice but they still have to be a little strict so that if the kids get riled up the teacher can calm us down.


The Ideal Teacher by Kira S






In Language Arts, we are reading The Giver.  The Giver is based on a society that is perfect and all the same. If I were to describe an ideal teacher, I would say that and ideal teacher is respectful to their students, meaning that they listen to their students when they want to share a thought. Another thing that I look for in a teacher is that they are nice. Along with being respectful and nice, I like a teacher who challenges their students with new things. I definitely like my teachers challenging me with things that I don’t think I can accomplish. Sometimes a student just needs support and motivation from their teacher! Lastly I think that an ideal teacher should have a good teaching strategy, one that works for them and for their students!


The Ideal Teacher by Jenny

Photo by Jenny

In the book, The Giver, by Lois Lowry Jonas and his family unit live in a perfect and ideal community. Everything is the same and so perfect because the leaders committed to sameness. I think that the Ideal Teacher would be a great teacher by helping students when they need help. Not giving a ton of homework but just the right amount that would be needed. I don’t like it when teachers give tests or quizzes like every other three days or one every week, but sometimes it’s ok, so not that many quizzes would also be a great teacher! I like it when teachers explain things well like the activities or projects we do, because sometimes teachers don’t always give great explanations and it is kind of hard to complete the task we are given. These are my thoughts of an ideal teacher, what are yours?


Second Community Service by Lana K.

At Durham Academy Middle School every advisory is required to participate in two community service activities per school year. Each advisory either stays on campus or goes off to better the community.

Earlier this school year, my advisory visited the Ronald McDonald House and made luminaries. The second time around, we did something a little different. We stayed on campus and helped work on the improvement of our environment. The girls planted flowers and the boys worked with the maintenance crew to mulch.

I wasn’t very excited about the idea of planting flowers at first because I thought it would be boring. Although, once we were done, I realized how much more colorful and vibrant the campus was with the new begonias we planted. I also noticed how much neater and fresh my surroundings looked with new mulch.

Overall, I am glad that I got to be part of the community service experience.


Community Service by Davi






For the second community service of the year, I went strawberry picking. We picked the strawberries so that we could donate them to the Ronald McDonald House of Durham. We traveled ten minutes from the school to a strawberry patch were you could pick your own strawberries. We picked strawberries until the container we had was full, then we were done. I tried to pack them neatly, so that I could get the most strawberries. We then went to the Ronald McDonald House to drop off the strawberries. It was amazing to see how big the house was, and how much things it had.


Community Service by: Lucy W.

Photo drawn by me

At our school we did community service with our advisories. My advisory went strawberry picking for the Ronald McDonald house. When we got the strawberry fields we each got a cardboard box and went straight to the fields. We ended up picking lots of strawberries.When we were done picking strawberries we played with some adorable little dogs that were at the fields. Then we left the strawberry fields and went to the Ronald McDonald House, which is a house for families with sick children who need to be treated.

The Ronald McDonald house was so grateful. They loved strawberries there. A woman have us a tour around the house where we saw the playroom, learning center and meeting room. When we were at the learning center, a child who was getting treatment wanted to dance for us. His teacher turned on Michael Jackson and he started dancing. He was so cute and looked very happy to have an audience. This made me think of how I wanted to volunteer there someday to help children who are sick.

This community service showed me that I can make a difference by doing things as simple as picking strawberries, or giving a child who is an audience to watch him dance. This was the best community service I have ever done.